2004 Special Session I

Budget Bill - SB5001 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006Totals

Office of Natural Resources

Secretary of Natural Resources
378Administrative and Support Services$486,801$487,423
Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department
379Land Management$1,449,221$1,451,098
Chippokes Plantation Farm Foundation
380Agricultural and Seafood Product Promotion and Development Services$221,525$221,558
Department of Conservation and Recreation
381Administrative and Support Services$4,258,973$4,274,444
382Land Management$22,738,678$20,977,511
383Leisure and Recreation Services$25,666,442$25,666,442
Department of Environmental Quality
384Administrative and Support Services$19,202,376$19,200,627
385Environmental Resources Management$35,095,230$35,012,786
386Environmental Research and Planning$8,339,506$8,371,076
387Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation$8,050,865$8,050,865
388Environmental Technical and Financial Assistance$60,303,091$54,419,021
389Environmental Policy and Program Development$251,907$251,907
390Environmental Information, Education, and Assistance$3,456,630$3,456,630
391Environmental Response and Remediation$40,461,770$40,493,378
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
392Administrative and Support Services$6,201,194$6,670,794
393Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Management$34,989,619$34,989,619
394Boating Safety and Regulation$4,479,465$4,479,465
395Language Only 
Department of Historic Resources
396Administrative and Support Services$1,094,840$1,094,062
397Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$2,581,054$2,581,054
Marine Resources Commission
398Administrative and Support Services$1,398,617$1,396,140
399Marine Life Management$11,451,099$11,451,099
400Coastal Land Surveying and Mapping$1,534,821$1,292,821
401Tourist Promotion$205,000$205,000
Virginia Museum of Natural History
402Museum and Cultural Services$2,149,333$2,149,293