2019 Session

Budget Bill - HB1700 (Chapter 854)

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First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020Totals

Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security

Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
381Administrative and Support Services$1,323,142$1,173,142
382Disaster Planning and Operations$567,489$567,489
Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council
383Adjudication Training, Education, and Standards$2,077,357$2,077,357
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
384Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension$20,087,975$20,087,975
385Alcoholic Beverage Merchandising$715,950,057
Department of Corrections
387Supervision of Offenders and Re-entry Services$103,664,289$104,905,315
387.10Financial Assistance for Confinement of Inmates in Local and Regional Facilities$0$124,641
388Language Only 
389Operation of State Residential Community Correctional Facilities$17,503,006$17,503,006
390Operation of Secure Correctional Facilities$1,006,178,030
391Administrative and Support Services$104,025,032$103,632,136
Department of Criminal Justice Services
392Criminal Justice Training and Standards$2,086,689$2,086,689
393Criminal Justice Research, Planning and Coordination$557,247$557,247
394Asset Forfeiture and Seizure Fund Management and Financial Assistance Program$6,040,538$6,040,538
395Financial Assistance for Administration of Justice Services$111,096,612$107,296,612
396Regulation of Professions and Occupations$3,319,556$3,319,556
397Financial Assistance to Localities - General$184,548,683$191,746,081
398Administrative and Support Services$10,003,647$10,003,647
Department of Emergency Management
399Emergency Preparedness$26,578,746$26,608,283
400Emergency Response and Recovery$22,933,000
401Virginia Emergency Operations Center$2,434,179$2,434,179
402Administrative and Support Services$11,533,224$11,533,224
403Language Only 
Department of Fire Programs
404Fire Training and Technical Support Services$8,879,001$8,857,251
405Financial Assistance for Fire Services Programs$29,825,000$29,825,000
406Regulation of Structure Safety$2,986,469$2,986,469
Department of Forensic Science
407Law Enforcement Scientific Support Services$47,861,280$48,216,780
Department of Juvenile Justice
409Operation of Community Residential and Nonresidential Services$3,320,293$3,320,293
410Supervision of Offenders and Re-entry Services$65,071,729$65,071,729
411Financial Assistance to Local Governments for Juvenile Justice Services$49,558,594$49,558,594
412Operation of Secure Correctional Facilities$70,240,687$70,240,687
413Administrative and Support Services$19,453,870$19,145,077
Department of Military Affairs
414Higher Education Student Financial Assistance$3,028,382$3,028,382
415At Risk Youth Residential Program$5,085,836$5,085,836
416Defense Preparedness$52,468,404$52,468,404
417Disaster Planning and Operationssum sufficient
418Administrative and Support Services$7,828,505$8,002,925
Department of State Police
419Information Technology Systems, Telecommunications and Records Management$62,039,445
420Law Enforcement and Highway Safety Services$284,746,976
421Administrative and Support Services$26,969,041$26,969,041
422Language Only 
Virginia Parole Board
423Probation and Parole Determination$1,787,462$1,787,462