2019 Session

Budget Bill - HB1700 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020Totals

Central Appropriations

Central Capital Outlay
C-42Central Maintenance Reserve$128,566,436$128,566,436
C-43Central Reserve for Capital Equipment Funding$59,997,000$0
C-43.50Planning: Replace Central State Hospital$3,000,000$0
C-44.10Capital Outlay Project Pool$0$7,785,000
C-44.20Planning: Detail Planning for Capital Projects$29,591,000$0
C-45New Construction: 2018 Capital Construction Pool$216,471,500$0
C-46Comprehensive Capital Outlay Program$21,066,000$0
C-46.10Capital Outlay Renovation Pool$3,100,000$0
C-472016 VPBA Capital Construction Pool$13,500,000$0
C-482016 VCBA Capital Construction Pool$43,883,000$0
C-48.10New Construction: 2019 Capital Construction Pool$0$131,982,000
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C-49.10Workforce Development Projects$0$80,000,000
C-49.20Parking Deck Repairs--Higher Ed Institutions$0$20,000,000
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C-51Language Only 
C-51.50Improvements: Supplemental funding: Capitol Complex Infrastructure and Security (Project 18081)$11,820,000$0
9(C) Revenue Bonds
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9(D) Revenue Bonds
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