2019 Session

Budget Bill - HB1700 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020Totals

Office of Transportation

Secretary of Transportation
433Administrative and Support Services$916,840$916,840
Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
434Space Flight Support Services$15,800,000$15,800,000
Department of Aviation
435Financial Assistance for Airports$28,351,475$28,351,475
436Air Transportation System Planning, Regulation, Communication and Education$2,931,818$2,931,818
437State Aircraft Flight Operations$2,257,381$2,257,381
438Administrative and Support Services$2,331,319$2,331,319
Department of Motor Vehicles
439Ground Transportation Regulation$214,197,223
440Ground Transportation System Safety Services$7,334,034$7,334,034
441Administrative and Support Services$74,562,219$74,562,219
Department of Motor Vehicles Transfer Payments$111,946,529$111,946,529
442Ground Transportation System Safety Services$26,255,029$26,255,029
443Financial Assistance to Localities - General$85,691,500$85,691,500
Department of Rail and Public Transportation
444Ground Transportation Planning and Research$3,347,198$3,347,198
445Financial Assistance for Public Transportation$443,248,455$443,248,455
446Financial Assistance for Rail Programs$127,488,369$127,488,369
447Administrative and Support Services$16,409,091$16,409,091
Department of Transportation
448Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation$24,060,509
449Ground Transportation Planning and Research$74,664,920
450Highway Construction Programs$2,594,951,490
451Highway System Maintenance and Operations$1,719,918,399
452Commonwealth Toll Facilities$64,386,587
453Financial Assistance to Localities for Ground Transportation$1,065,903,724
454Non-Toll Supported Transportation Debt Service$368,779,818
455Administrative and Support Services$273,814,072
456Language Only 
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
457Consumer Affairs Services$277,833$277,833
458Regulation of Professions and Occupations$2,697,139$2,697,139
Virginia Port Authority
459Economic Development Services$5,731,946$5,981,946
460Port Facilities Planning, Maintenance, Acquisition, and Construction$93,838,924$93,838,924
461Financial Assistance for Port Activities$5,880,725$5,881,925
462Administrative and Support Services$112,865,952$117,381,013