2019 Session

Budget Amendments - SB1100 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: Norment
Co-Patron(s): Mason
VRS ORPHE Surcharge Adjustment (language only)

Item 474 #2s

Item 474 #2s

Central Appropriations
The College of William & Mary


Page 494, strike lines 1 through 12, and insert:

"O.1.a. In order to address the potential for stranded liability in the Virginia Retirement System, institutions of higher education shall pay, effective July 1, 2019, contributions to the employer's retirement allowance account in an amount equal to the difference between the total retirement contribution rate required on behalf of State employees participating in a defined benefit or hybrid plan under the Virginia Retirement System and the rate payable by the Commonwealth under § 51.1-126(F)(1) Code of Virginia for Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Education (ORPHE) employees for any positions existing as of December 31, 2013 that are subsequently converted from non-ORPHE eligible positions to ORPHE-eligible positions on or after January 1, 2014 and that are filled by an employee who elects to participate in the ORPHE. In meeting this obligation, each institution shall provide to the Virginia Retirement System by April 1 of each year a list of all positions converted from non-ORPHE eligible positions to ORPHE-eligible positions since January 1, 2014, and whether current employees in such positions have elected ORPHE participation.    

b. Such contributions shall not be required for any new position established by the institution after January 1, 2014, that may be eligible for participation in the Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Education.".


(This amendment revises language to clarify the intent to charge institutions of higher education a surcharge for converting positions that were previously enrolled in a defined benefit or hybrid retirement program to a defined contribution program, thus creating a potential "stranded liability" for the Commonwealth's Virginia Retirement System.)