2009 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Chapter)

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Part 3: Miscellaneous

3-1.01 Interfund Transfers
3-1.02 Interagency Transfers
3-1.03 Short-Term Advance to the General Fund from Nongeneral Funds
3-1.04 Reversion of Ida Funding
Working Capital Funds and Lines of Credit
3-2.01 Advances to Working Capital Funds
3-2.02 Charges Against Working Capital Funds
3-2.03 Lines of Credit
General Fund Deposits
3-3.01 Payment By the Virginia Public School Authority
3-3.02 Payment By the State Treasurer
3-3.03 Payment from Department of Justice
3-3.04 Interest Earnings
Auxiliary Enterprises and Sponsored Programs in Institutions of Higher Education
3-4.01 Auxiliary Enterprise Investment Yields
Adjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
3-5.01 Qualified Equity and Subordinated Debt Investment Tax Credit
3-5.02 Retaliatory Costs to other States Tax Credit
3-5.03 Payment of Auto Rental Tax to the Rail Enhancement Fund and the General Fund
3-5.04 Implementation of Chapter 3, Acts of Assembly of 2004, Special Session I
3-5.05 Neighborhood Assistance Program and Schools for Children with Disabilities Fund Act Tax Credit
3-5.06 Retail Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Internet Service Providers
3-5.13 Disposition of Excess Fees Collected By Clerks of the Circuit Courts
Adjustments and Modifications to Fees
3-6.01 Recordation Tax Fee