1998 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Conference Report)

Y2K Reserve Alternative 2 (language only)

Item 548.01 #2c

Item 548.01 #2c

Central Appropriations
Central Appropriations

Page 324, after line 53, insert:
"548.01  A.  At the request of Director of the Century Date Change Initiative Project Office, for good cause shown, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, may withhold up to $20,000,000 from agency general fund appropriations in the second year, other than appropriations which are provided for aid to localities,
medical benefits payments by the Department of Medical Assistance Services, debt service and other Constitutionally mandated payments, and any other appropriations which he determines should be exempt from such actions.
B.   The funds withheld as provided for in paragraph A. of this item, may be transferred to agencies and institutions in the first year to be used to supplement the amounts provided for in Items 85 and 548 of this act to address Year 2000 information system standards and compliance.
C.   Any amounts withheld as provided for in paragraph A. of this item which remain unexpended on June 30, 1999
shall be reapportioned to the respective agencies and institutions in the second year in the same proportion that the amounts were withheld from such agencies and institutions."

(This amendment establishes a reserve fund for Year 2000 compliance projects conducted by agencies and institutions, authorizing the transfer of up to $20,000,000 from the second year to the first year if needed to address unanticipated funding shortfalls.)