2005 Session

Budget Bill - HB1500 (Chapter 951)

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First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006Totals

Office of Public Safety

Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council
404Adjudication Training, Education, and Standards$670,389$670,389
Department of Correctional Education
408Administrative and Support Services$2,631,759$2,626,448
Department of Criminal Justice Services
424Administrative and Support Services$1,405,763$1,406,804
425Criminal Justice Information Systems and Statistics$140,532$140,532
426Criminal Justice Training, Education, and Standards$1,682,118$1,682,118
427Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension$27,588,414$27,713,414
428Criminal Justice Research, Planning, and Coordination$404,419$404,419
429Asset Forfeiture and Seizure Fund Management and Financial Assistance Program$2,402,709$2,402,709
430Financial Assistance for Administration of Justice Services$66,559,178$67,424,428
431Regulation of Professions and Occupations$1,524,710$1,524,710
432Financial Assistance to Localities-General$177,551,170$187,138,933
Department of Emergency Management
433Administrative and Support Services$2,108,107$2,108,301
434Disaster Planning and Operations$8,705,578$8,705,578
435Language Only 
Department of Fire Programs
436Financial Assistance to Localities-General$18,373,574
437Fire Services Assistance$3,428,387$3,435,704
Department of Juvenile Justice
438Administrative and Support Services$13,448,118$13,688,715
439Administrative and Support Services$25,816,782$26,353,232
440Community-Based Custody$19,750,799$19,750,799
441Probation and Reentry Services$52,272,391
442Confinement and Custody Research, Planning, and Coordination$11,949$11,949
443Financial Assistance for Confinement in Local Facilities$32,883,830
444Language Only 
445Secure Confinement$49,992,919$50,122,969
446Protective Services$2,020,000$2,020,000
Department of Military Affairs
447Administrative and Support Services$1,529,499$1,534,849
448Higher Education Student Financial Assistance$1,600,001$1,600,001
450Defense Preparedness$21,576,756
451Disaster Planning and Operationssum sufficient
452Auxiliary Enterprise for National Guard Operations$186,205$186,205
Department of State Police
453Administrative and Support Services$13,078,913$13,333,702
454Criminal Justice Information Systems and Statistics$28,589,614$28,589,614
455Criminal Justice Training, Education, and Standards$3,330,685$3,330,685
456Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension$159,842,308$159,913,612
457Ground Transportation System Safety$17,398,644$17,398,644
458Vending Facilities, Snack Bars, and Cafeterias$438,430$438,430
459Language Only 
Virginia Parole Board
460Probation and Reentry Services$648,497$648,359