2019 Session

Budget Bill - HB1700 (Chapter 854)

Drivers License Reinstatement Fee

Item 3-6.03

Item 3-6.03


Notwithstanding § 46.2-411 of the Code of Virginia, the drivers license reinstatement fee payable to the Trauma Center Fund shall be $100 the first year and $0 the second year. In the second year, notwithstanding the provisions of § 46.2-395 of the Code of Virginia, no court shall suspend any person's privilege to drive a motor vehicle solely for failure to pay any fines, court costs, forfeitures, restitution, or penalties assessed against such person.  The Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles shall reinstate a person's privilege to drive a motor vehicle that was suspended prior to July 1, 2019, solely pursuant to § 46.2-395 of the Code of Virginia and shall waive all fees relating to reinstating such person's driving privileges.  Nothing herein shall require the Commissioner to reinstate a person's driving privileges if such privileges have been otherwise lawfully suspended or revoked or if such person is otherwise ineligible for a driver's license.