2019 Session

Budget Bill - SB1100 (Introduced)

Longwood University

Item 173

Item 173

First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020
Higher Education Auxiliary Enterprises (80900)
     a sum sufficient, estimated at
Food Services (80910)FY2019 $8,139,258FY2020 $8,139,258
Bookstores And Other Stores (80920)FY2019 $273,195FY2020 $273,195
Residential Services (80930)FY2019 $22,354,254FY2020 $22,354,254
Parking And Transportation Systems And Services (80940)FY2019 $989,591FY2020 $989,591
Telecommunications Systems And Services (80950)FY2019 $951,620FY2020 $951,620
Student Health Services (80960)FY2019 $974,226FY2020 $974,226
Student Unions And Recreational Facilities (80970)FY2019 $3,179,541FY2020 $3,179,541
Recreational And Intramural Programs (80980)FY2019 $2,172,334FY2020 $2,172,334
Other Enterprise Functions (80990)FY2019 $16,807,306FY2020 $16,807,306
Intercollegiate Athletics (80995)FY2019 $9,041,347FY2020 $9,041,347
Fund Sources:  
Higher Education OperatingFY2019 $57,295,361FY2020 $57,295,361
Debt ServiceFY2019 $7,587,311FY2020 $7,587,311

Authority: Title 23.1, Chapter 17, Code of Virginia.