1998 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 464)

Piedmont Geriatric Hospital

Item 385

Item 385

First Year - FY1999Second Year - FY2000
Administrative and Support Services (44900)$6,283,188$6,311,038
General Management and Direction (44901)FY1999 $1,682,510FY2000 $1,692,490
Computer Services (44902)FY1999 $133,157FY2000 $133,727
Food and Dietary Services (44907)FY1999 $999,630FY2000 $1,003,660
Housekeeping Services (44908)FY1999 $862,367FY2000 $865,892
Linen and Laundry Services (44909)FY1999 $266,645FY2000 $268,290
Physical Plant Services (44915)FY1999 $1,411,124FY2000 $1,416,314
Power Plant Operation (44917)FY1999 $585,315FY2000 $587,215
Training and Education Services (44925)FY1999 $342,440FY2000 $343,450
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1999 $15,649FY2000 $15,649
SpecialFY1999 $6,267,539FY2000 $6,295,389

Piedmont Geriatric Hospital shall not be closed. Any plan to reduce appropriations or the capacity for Piedmont Geriatric Hospital shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.