1998 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

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Debt Bonds 9(D)

Item C-7

Item C-7

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Debt Bonds 9(D) (15785)$283,329,837
Fund Sources:  
Higher Education OperatingFY1997 $7,403,000FY1998 $0
Debt ServiceFY1997 $275,926,837
FY1998 $0

A.1. Authorization of projects to be financed pursuant to Article X, Section 9(d), of the Constitution of Virginia.

2. The appropriations in this item are subject to the conditions in § 2-0. J. of this act.

3. The amounts listed in Item C-7 total $275,926,837 $256,726,837 in bond proceeds and $7,403,000 in higher education operating funds.


UVA: Student Residence Hall 15795 6,000,000 1,000,000 7,000,000
Parking Deck for 600 Vehicles and Infrastructure 15871 4,500,000 6,653,000 11,153,000
VPI: Athletic Facilities Renovations 15801 6,250,000 6,250,000
Alumni Hall & Donaldson Brown Center 15802 3,946,000 3,946,000
Student Residence Hall 15800 10,000,000 10,000,000
Coal Fired Facility Supplement 14106 2,300,000 2,300,000
Athletic Facility Addition 15748 6,500,000 750,000 7,250,000
Student Residence Hall 15524 1,731,000 1,731,000
ODU: Teletechnet Center 15519 7,300,000 7,300,000
Parking Facilities Acquisition and Construction 15869 16,000,000 16,000,000
Convocation Center Land Acquisition and Construction 15870 40,000,000 40,000,000
GMU: Prince William Institute, Phase II 15659 11,900,000 11,900,000
Prince William Loop Road and Parking 15659 3,200,000 3,200,000
Prince William Aquatic and Recreation Center 15699 1,000,000 (1,000,000) 0
VCU: Repair Residence Halls 15810 3,797,000 3,797,000
School of Engineering 15717 23,890,000 23,890,000
Renovations to Parking Deck "D" 15868 6,078,000 6,078,000
JMU: Construct Student Residence Hall 15804 14,118,000 14,118,000
LC: East Ruffner Conversion 15806 2,000,000 2,000,000
RD: Renovate Ingles Hall 15819 3,600,000 3,600,000
MWC: Parking Deck 15872 4,856,837 4,856,837
NSU: Parking Deck 15873 6,760,000 6,760,000
CWM: William and Mary Hall Renovation 15971 2,200,000 0 2,200,000
Virginia Port Authority: Umbrella Capital Projects 15975 88,000,000 88,000,000
TOTAL BOND PROJECTS 9(d) $275,926,837 $7,403,000 $283,329,837

$256,726,837 $264,129,837

New Construction: School of Engineering (15717)

B.1. The General Assembly authorizes Virginia Commonwealth University, with the approval of the Governor, to construct a new teaching and research facility for use by the School of Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. This project must be consistent with guidelines promulgated by the Department of General Services and comply with the "Alternative Construction and Financing Guidelines" issued by the Secretary of Finance on July 1, 1992. The project, previously authorized in Item C-53.10 of Chapter 853 of the 1995 Acts of Assembly, shall be consistent with the plans and specifications in the report submitted to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees on November 1, 1995.

2. The General Assembly authorizes Virginia Commonwealth University to enter into a written agreement with the School of Engineering Foundation at Virginia Commonwealth University to design, construct, and finance the project. All project proposals and approvals shall be in accordance with the guidelines cited in paragraph 1 of this item.

3. The School of Engineering Foundation will assume responsibility for all construction costs and debt issuance expenses in excess of bond proceeds and shall reimburse the University for debt service on the bonds issued to finance this project.

4. Consistent with the economic incentive package offered to Motorola to locate in the Richmond area, Item C-7.10 includes $11,000,000 from the 21st Century College Program for construction of a clean room training facility as part of the new School of Engineering Building.

C. Funding for the project, William and Mary Hall Renovation, is included in this item, provided that no increase in student fees is required to produce such revenues. Prior to initiation of the project, the College of William and Mary shall certify to the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, that there is no such impact on student fees.

D. The conditions set out in § 2-0. J. of this act shall be applicable to the Virginia Port Authority project provided for in this item. The bonds for such project shall be issued pursuant to § 62.1-140, Code of Virginia.