1998 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Conference Report)

DCC Workforce Development

Item C-26.01 #21c

Item C-26.01 #21c

First Year - FY1999 Second Year - FY2000
Education: Higher Education
Virginia Community College System FY1999 $2,000,000 FY2000 $0 GF
FY1999 $1,500,000 FY2000 $0 NGF

Page 356, after line 26, insert:
"C-26.01.  New Construction: Regional Center for
               Applied Technology Training, Danville                                $3,500,000
               Fund Sources:  General                   $2,000,000
                                      Trust and Agency     $1,500,000
1.  The State Board for Community Colleges, with the approval of  the Governor as otherwise provided by law, is authorized to accept title, at no cost to the Commonwealth, certain real property described generally as nine acres, more or less, near U. S. Highway Route 58 and Cane Creek Boulevard in the City of Danville, for use by the college in the development of the facilities provided for in this item.
2.  Prior to the conveyance described above, the City of Danville, its agents and instrumentalities, shall provide assurances satisfactory to the Virginia Community College System Board that the property is free from hazardous materials and conditions.
3.  The general fund amounts provided for in this item for workforce training, retraining, programming, and community education facilities shall be matched by local or private sources in a ratio of two-thirds state funds to
at least one-third local or private funds, as approved by the  Board of the Virginia Community College System. "

(This amendment provides funds to construct a new Center for Applied Technology Training at Danville Community College. Funding for the project will be provided jointly from the general fund, private sources already committed, and local funds.)