1998 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Conference Report)

Bear Creek Lake Dredging

Item C-107.01 #1c

Item C-107.01 #1c

First Year - FY1999 Second Year - FY2000
Natural Resources
Conservation and Recreation, Department of FY1999 $600,000 FY2000 $0 GF
FY1999 $400,000 FY2000 $0 NGF

Page 366, after line 27, insert:
"C-107.01  Improvements:  Dredging and Associated
                Improvements, Bear Creek Lake State Park                 $1,000,000
                Fund Sources: General                                $600,000
                                        Special                                $400,000
A.  Prior to the initiation of this project, the Departments of Conservation and Recreation, and Forestry shall submit to the Department of Planning and Budget a joint plan to dispose of the sediment dredged from the lake.  Any cost savings resulting from disposing of the sediment on property owned by either agency shall revert to the general fund.
B. The Special Fund appropriation provided for in this item shall be made available from deposits to the Conservation Resources Fund pursuant to §3-3.03 of this act, which are not otherwise obligated to specific capital projects."

(This amendment provides funds to dredge the swimming and boating areas of Bear Creek Lake State Park.)