1998 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Committee Approved)

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Academic Year Gov. Schools - Increase (language only)

Item 141 #1s

Item 141 #1s

Education: Elementary and Secondary
Direct Aid To Public Education

Page 112, line 17, after "A." insert "1."
Page 112, line 22, after "Academies" strike the rest of the line.
Page 112, line 23 strike "index or fifty percent." and insert:
"2.  Regular school year Governor's Schools are funded through this item based on the state's share of $2,765 for each student attending a Governor's School, up to a cap of 800 students per Governor's School.  This per pupil payment shall be adjusted for the composite index of the school division that counts such students attending Governor's Schools in their average daily membership.  This per pupil amount shall be in addition to the basic aid per pupil funding provided to the affected school division for such students.  This additional per pupil amount plus an appropriate portion of the basic aid per pupil funding attributable to any student attending a Governor's School shall constitute the state's contribution to Governor's School funding.  School divisions may adjust this basic aid per pupil payment to reflect costs incurred by the school division for transportation, administration, and any portion of the day that the student does not attend a Governor's School.  The basic aid per pupil funding remaining after such adjustment shall be passed to the appropriate Governor's School.
3.  The state's share of payments for summer residential Governor's Schools and Foreign Language Academies shall be based on the greater of the composite index or fifty percent."
Page 112, line 23, before "Participating" and insert "4."
Page 112, line 39, strike "." and insert "including increasing the per pupil add-on payment for regular school year Governor's Schools.  This provision shall not apply, however, to increased enrollment up to a cap of 800 students per Governor's School."

(This amendment clarifies that state funding for regular school year Governor's School students includes the state's Basic Aid payments for such students, and directs participating school divisions to pass increases in Basic Aid funding for Governor's School students on to the Governor's Schools.)