1998 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Conference Report)

DIT Rate Reductions

Item 547.10 #4c

Item 547.10 #4c

First Year - FY1999 Second Year - FY2000
Central Appropriations
Central Appropriations FY1999 ($902,377) FY2000 ($937,388) GF

Page 323, after line 40, insert:
"547.10 Reversion Clearing Account
               Miscellaneous (22600)            ($902,377)          ($937,388)
               Fund Sources: General
            ($902,377)          ($937,388)

               Authority:  Discretionary Inclusion
The Director of the Department of Information Technology shall take all necessary action and shall provide information to the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget to withhold from agency appropriations such general and nongeneral amounts for computer services and telecommunications services in excess of the amounts required as a result of a rate reduction effective January 1998.  The general fund reduction, estimated at $902,377 the first year and $937,388 the second year shall be transferred to this item.  The nongeneral fund amount, estimated at $757,774 the first year and $767,758 the second year, shall be transferred to the general fund pursuant to the provisions of Section 3-1.00 of this act.  All funds from institutions of higher education, Virginia Retirement System and federal sources are excluded from these transfers."

(This amendment captures general and nongeneral fund savings resulting from the 1998 reduction in DIT rates for computer services and telecommunications. Higher education, federal funds and the VRS are exempt from this reversion.)