1998 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Committee Approved)

Year 2000/Second Year Reversion

Item 548.01 #1h

Item 548.01 #1h

First Year - FY1999 Second Year - FY2000
Central Appropriations
Central Appropriations FY1999 $0 FY2000 ($20,000,000) GF

Page 324, after line 53, insert:
"548.01  Reversion Clearing Account                   $0          ($20,000,000)
             Executive Management            
   $0          ($20,000,000)
             Fund Sources:  General
              $0          ($20,000,000)
             Authority:  Discretionary Inclusion
A.  The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall withhold from agency general fund appropriations, other than appropriations which are provided for aid to localities or to support institutions of higher education, an amount estimated at one-half of one percent, more or less, of the remaining general fund operating appropriations in the second year which are included in this act.
B.   The funds withheld as provided for in paragraph A. of this Item, shall be used as provided for in Items 85 and 548 of this act to address Year 2000 information system standards and compliance.
C.   Any unexpended balance remaining in Item 548 on June 30, 1999, not to exceed $20,000,000, shall be reapportioned to the respective agencies and institutions in the second year in the same proportion that the amounts were withheld from such agencies and institutions."

(This amendment reduces general fund appropriations in the second year, other than appropriations which provide direct aid to localities or support institutions of higher education, by one-half of one percent. A companion amendment reallocates these funds to a contingency account in the first year to address Year 2000 information systems problems. Any unexpended amounts not needed for Year 2000 compliance at the end of the first year would be reallocated back to the respective agencies and institutions.)