2018 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5002 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020Totals

Judicial Department

Supreme Court
35Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$14,399,170$14,399,170
36Law Library Services$1,057,444$1,057,444
37Adjudication Training, Education, and Standards$899,140$899,140
38Administrative and Support Services$32,225,031$32,225,031
Court of Appeals of Virginia$9,753,238$9,753,238
39Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$9,753,238$9,753,238
Circuit Courts$114,265,277$114,265,277
40Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$114,265,277$114,265,277
General District Courts$117,429,801$117,429,801
41Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$117,429,801$117,429,801
Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts$99,769,065$99,769,065
42Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$99,769,065$99,769,065
Combined District Courts$23,744,526$23,744,526
43Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$23,744,526$23,744,526
Magistrate System$33,859,000$33,859,000
44Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$33,859,000$33,859,000
Board of Bar Examiners
45Regulation of Professions and Occupations$1,716,606$1,716,606
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
46Adjudication Training, Education, and Standards$656,142$656,142
Indigent Defense Commission
47Legal Defense$51,298,554$51,297,183
Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission
48Adjudicatory Research, Planning, and Coordination$1,196,371$1,196,371
Virginia State Bar
49Legal Defense$12,141,473$12,141,473
50Regulation of Professions and Occupations$15,240,451$15,240,451