2012 Session

Budget Bill - HB1300 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2011Second Year - FY2012Totals

Executive Offices

Office of the Governor
53Administrative and Support Services$3,501,572$3,561,659
54Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$443,979$443,979
55Governmental Affairs Services$460,728$460,728
56Disaster Planning and Operationssum sufficient
Lieutenant Governor
57Administrative and Support Services$334,803$323,803
Attorney General and Department of Law
58Legal Advice$26,835,916$27,081,026
59Medicaid Program Services$6,142,837$6,142,837
60Regulation of Business Practices$2,241,681$2,241,681
61Language Only 
Division of Debt Collection$1,932,884$1,899,884
62Collection Services$1,932,884$1,899,884
Secretary of the Commonwealth
63Central Records Retention Services$1,915,830$1,915,830
Governor's Office for Substance Abuse Prevention
64Health Research, Planning, and Coordination$615,909$615,909
Office of Commonwealth Preparedness
65Disaster Planning and Operations$1,041,376$1,241,376
Interstate Organization Contributions
66Governmental Affairs Services$246,354$190,910