2000 Session

Budget Bill - SB29 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY1999Second Year - FY2000Totals

Office of Education

Department of Education
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton$1,303,000$0
C-17.30Improvements: Replace Campus Steam Line$1,303,000$0
Virginia Community College System
C-18Improvements: Repair and Replace Roofs, Virginia Western$159,000$0
C-18.10New Construction: College Services Building, Virginia Western$0$1,125,000
C-18.20New Construction: Planning for Workforce Development Center at Locust Grove, & Fredericksburg Campus, Phase II, Germanna$0$500,000
C-18.30Improvements: Planning for Exterior Paneling Repairs, J. S. Reynolds$0$95,000
C-18.40New Construction: Economic Development Center Supplement, Southside Virginia$0$350,000
C-18.50New Construction: ADA Compliance, Danville$0$175,000
C-18.60New Construction: Planning for Maintenance Facility, Danville$0$28,000
C-18.70New Construction: Planning for Parham Road Campus, Phase IV, J. S. Reynolds$0$250,000
C-18.80New Construction: ADA Compliance, Virginia Western and Northern Virginia$0$500,000
C-18.90Improvements: Campus Renovations, Supplement, Dabney S. Lancaster$0$240,000
C-19Improvements: Fauquier Campus, Phase I, Lord Fairfax Community College$317,000$0
C-20Improvements: Connect Campus to City Water Supply, Locust Grove Campus$418,000$0
C-21Construction: Community Cultural Center: Middletown$12,942,000$0
C-22Construction: Arts and Technology Center: Loudoun$9,850,000$0
C-24Construction: Medical Education Campus, Northern Virginia Community College$24,460,000$1,000,000
C-25Construction: New Academic Building at Virginia Beach$22,957,000$0
C-26Improvements: Humanities and Social Science Building, Piedmont, Phase II$132,000$1,716,000
C-26.10New Construction: Planning for Fredericksburg Area Campus, Phase II, Germanna$347,000$0
C-26.15Improvements: Renovation of Godwin and Holton Halls, Mountain Empire$2,000,000$0
C-26.20Improvements: Building Renovations, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$2,000,000$0
C-26.25New Construction: Western Campus, Phase II Supplement, J. Sargeant Reynolds$500,000$0
C-26.30Acquisition: Downtown Campus Parking, J. Sargeant Reynolds$500,000$0
C-26.35New Construction: Workforce Development Center, Paul D. Camp$4,775,000$0
C-26.40New Construction: Maintenance Facilities, Eastern Shore$280,000$0
C-26.45New Construction: Parking Garage Supplement, Alexandria Campus, Northern Virginia$1,000,000$0
C-26.50Improvements: Veterinary Technology Facilities, Blue Ridge$900,000$0
C-26.55New Construction: Manufacturing Technology Training Center, Central Virginia$2,500,000$0
C-26.60New Construction: Regional Center for Applied Technology Training, Danville$3,500,000$0
C-26.65Language Only 
C-26.70Improvements: Water System Supply Repairs$854,546$0
C-26.80Reversion Clearing Account: Project Management$0$0
C-26.90Improvements: Campus Renovations, Wytheville$0$100,000
C-26.95Language Only 
University of Virginia, Academic Division
C-27Construction: Campbell Hall Addition$2,900,000$0
C-28Improvements: Renovate Gilmer Hall, Phase III$2,500,000$0
C-29Improvements: Renovate Jordan Hall$2,000,000$0
C-30Construction: Environmental Science Field Station$2,000,000$0
C-31Improvements: Renovate and Improve Academic & Research Facilities$8,000,000$6,000,000
C-32Improvements: Renovate and Improve Auxiliary Facilities$3,000,000$0
C-33Improvements: Renovate Pavilion Balconies$550,000$0
C-34Improvements: Repair Steam Tunnels$800,000$0
C-35Improvements: Clark Hall Renovation and Addition$28,258,000$0
C-36New Construction: East Precinct Chiller Plant$9,976,000$0
C-36.10Improvements: Central Grounds Electrical Upgrade$800,000$0
C-36.20Improvements: Pavillion VII Renovation$3,000,000$0
C-36.30New Construction: Special Collections Library$26,000,000$0
C-36.40Planning: Plan for the Replacement of Campbell Hall Chiller$0$125,000
C-36.50Improvements: Renovate Lambeth Field Residence Area$0$4,381,000
C-36.60Improvements: Renovation of School of Medicine Facilities$0$2,400,000
C-36.70New Construction: Planning for Darden School Expansion$0$4,000,000
C-36.71New Construction: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Units Addition$0$1,205,000
C-36.72New Construction: Law School Expansion$0$6,000,000
C-36.73New Construction: Ruffner Hall Parking Lot$0$750,000
C-36.74New Construction: Admissions Building$0$6,700,000
C-36.75New Construction: Addition to National Radio Astronomy Observatory$0$7,400,000
C-36.76New Construction: Planning for New Arena$0$10,000,000
C-36.77New Construction: Planning for Health Sciences Research Center$0$4,000,000
C-36.78New Construction: Observatory Hill Dining Hall Expansion$0$11,500,000
C-36.79Improvements: Plan Fayerweather Hall Renovation$0$400,000
C-36.80New Construction: Art Studios/Parking Garage$0$1,400,000
C-36.81New Construction: Engineering Research Center$0$11,000,000
C-36.82Improvements: Renovate Peabody Hall$0$2,000,000
University of Virginia Medical Center 
C-37Language Only 
C-38Improvements: Renovate Digestive Health Center$3,600,000$0
C-39Construction: Construct or Acquire Child Care Center$2,400,000$0
C-41Improvements: Renovate Medical Center Facilities$10,000,000$0
C-41.10Acquisition: Dialysis Center$1,100,000$0
C-41.20Planning: Plan for the Construction of Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center$0$4,000,000
C-41.30Improvements: Improve Ambulatory Care Clinics$0$4,440,000
University of Virginia's College at Wise$9,726,000$1,000,000
C-42Improvements: Renovate and Construct Addition to Science Building$9,726,000$0
C-42.10Improvements: Campus Infrastructure$0$1,000,000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Instructional Division
C-43Construction: New Chemistry and Physics Building$1,400,000$23,794,000
C-44Planning: Alumni Center, Continuing Education Center and Hotel Complex$2,309,000$0
C-45Improvements: Renovate Auxiliary Facilities$2,000,000$0
C-45.10New Construction: Replacement of Dairy Science Center$293,000$3,950,000
C-45.15Improvements: Retrofit Centrifugal Chillers$0$1,150,000
C-45.20New Construction: Building and Construction Learning Lab$1,000,000$0
C-45.25Construction: Construct Advanced Communications Center$0$0
C-45.30Language Only 
C-45.40Improvements: Conversion of Upper Quad$0$8,951,000
C-45.50Language Only 
Virginia Cooperative Extension and Agriculture Experiment Station$2,512,000$456,000
C-46Planning: Agriculture and Forestry Research Laboratory Facility$1,167,000$456,000
C-46.10Improvements: Replace Hampton Roads Facility$1,345,000$0
Virginia Commonwealth University, Academic Division
C-47Acquisition: Property to Support Cary, Franklin, Broad, Grove and 8th Streets$4,225,000$0
C-48Improvements: Technology Access Auxiliary Enterprise Facilities$3,200,000$0
C-49Improvements: Renovate School of Dentistry Building$2,700,000$0
C-50Improvements: Renovate Hibbs Building$3,500,000$0
C-51Improvements: Energy Conservation$2,000,000$0
C-52Construction: Sciences Building$21,907,000$0
C-53Improvements: Renovate Sanger Hall$841,000$9,338,000
C-54Improvement: Renovation of Anderson Gallery$1,395,000$0
C-54.10Improvements: Sports Medicine Center$2,181,000$0
C-54.20Improvements: Planning for Renovation of Business Building$0$90,000
C-54.30Improvements: Planning for Renovation of Hibbs Building$0$83,000
C-54.40Improvements: Planning for Renovation of Libraries$0$200,000
Old Dominion University
C-55Construction: Renovate and Construct An Addition to Constant Hall$800,000$11,750,000
C-55.10Acquisition: Property Adjacent to Campus and East of Hampton Boulevard$5,000,000$0
C-55.20Improvements: Diehn Arts Center Humidification$390,000$0
C-55.30Construction: Plan Engineering and Computational Sciences Building$0$900,000
George Mason University
C-56Improvements: Renovate Student Union Facilities$5,000,000$0
C-56.10Improvements: Arlington Campus Renovations$0$1,400,000
C-56.20Improvements: Utilities Infrastructure$0$406,000
C-57Improvements: Physical Education Building Renovation$5,500,000$0
C-58Construction: Expand General Parking$500,000$0
C-59Construction: Academic Building Four, Fairfax Campus$19,238,000$0
C-59.10New Construction: Planning for Prince William Campus, Phase III$1,000,000$0
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-60Improvements: Upgrade Underground Utilities: Storm Drainage$295,000$0
C-60.10Acquisition: Property Acquisition Blanket$600,000$0
C-60.20Improvements: Replace and Upgrade Heating and Cooling Systems in Various Buildings$0$5,707,000
C-60.30Improvements: Plan Renovation and Expansion of Millington Hall$0$800,000
Richard Bland College$642,000$340,000
C-61Improvements: Replace Outside Lighting$0$340,000
C-62Improvements: Replace and Repair Boiler and Ventilation Systems$642,000$0
Virginia Institute of Marine Science$6,290,000$450,000
C-63Improvements: Replace Gloucester Point Bulkhead$862,000$0
C-63.10Acquisition: Masterplan Properties$0$450,000
C-64Improvements: Upgrade Energy Management and Control System$737,000$0
C-65Acquisition: Wachapreague Property$195,000$0
C-65.10Acquisition: Sowers' Property$280,000$0
C-65.20Improvements: Renovation and Expansion of Byrd Hall$4,216,000$0
James Madison University
C-66Construction: New Alumni House$1,250,000$0
C-66.10New Construction: Plan College of Integrated Science and Technology, Phase III$0$800,000
C-66.20Improvements: Renovation of Warren Hall$0$1,500,000
C-67Construction: New Sports Services Building$1,409,000$0
C-68Construction: Arboretum Nature Center$3,000,000$0
C-68.10Acquisition: Medical Arts Office Complex$3,500,000$0
C-68.20New Construction: Alumni House$1,750,000$0
C-68.30Improvements: Provide Supplemental Funding for Campus Steam Line Repair$0$1,580,000
Christopher Newport University
C-69Acquisition: Land on Shoe Lane$497,000$0
C-69.10New Construction: Criminal Justice Academy$0$150,000
C-70Improvements: Renovate and Construct An Addition to Ratcliffe Gymnasium$171,000$2,278,000
C-70.10Acquisition: Warwick Boulevard Properties$500,000$1,000,000
C-70.20New Construction: Performing Arts Center$1,000,000$750,000
Longwood College
C-70.30Planning: New Science Building$0$860,000
C-70.40Improvements: Plan Renovation of and Addition to Jarman Auditorium$0$100,000
C-71Equipment: Purchase Equipment for Hiner Building$1,575,000$0
C-72Improvements: Renovate East, West, and Main Ruffner Complex$518,000$8,587,000
Norfolk State University
C-73Improvements: Renovate Communications Building$201,000$3,392,000
C-73.10Improvements: Renovation of Robinson Technology Building$0$150,000
Mary Washington College
C-74Improvements: Renovate Combs Hall$688,000$5,491,000
C-75Improvements: Upgrade Goolrick Hall HVAC$2,206,000$0
C-75.10Language Only 
C-75.20Language Only 
Melchers-Monroe Memorials$500,000$175,000
C-75.30Improvements: Renovation of Belmont$500,000$175,000
Radford University
C-76Acquisition: Property for Site Development$450,000$0
C-76.10Improvements: Planning for Renovation of Peters Hall$0$600,000
C-76.20Acquisition: Fairfax, Howe and Adams Street Properties$0$305,000
C-77Improvements: Improve Electrical Distribution System$800,000$0
C-78Construction: Track and Soccer Field, Phase II$1,900,000$0
C-79Improvements: Improve Steam Distribution System$715,000$0
C-80Construction: Renovate and Construct Addition to Student Center$4,622,000$0
C-81Improvements: Renovate Walker Hall$2,563,000$0
Virginia Military Institute
C-82Language Only 
C-83Improvements: Renovate Scott-Shipp Hall$10,229,000$500,000
Virginia State University
C-84Improvements: Renovate Rogers Stadium$2,840,000$0
C-85Improvements: Repair Dormitories, Phase II$1,939,000$0
C-86Improvements: Renovate Johnston Memorial Library$1,617,000$9,210,000
C-87Improvements: Renovate Owens Hall$394,000$5,800,000
C-87.10Improvements: Renovate Virginia Hall Auditorium$1,764,000$0
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-88Improvements: Install Fiber Optic Cable$40,000$460,000
C-89Improvements: Integrate the Science Museum Campus Area$2,000,000$1,855,000
C-90Improvements: Renovate East and West Terrace$67,000$852,000
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-91Improvements: Conduct A Fire Suppression System Planning Study$200,000$0
C-92Improvements: Upgrade the Security Alarm and Access Control System$1,786,000$0
C-92.10Improvements: Plan Robinson House Renovations$174,000$0
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
C-93Improvements: Jamestown Settlement, Phase II Supplement$550,000$501,000
C-94Improvements: Jamestown Settlement Cafe$2,470,000$780,000
C-95Construction: Linkage Between Visitor Center and the Jamestown Gallery$385,000$4,128,000
C-96Planning: Park Entry for Jamestown's 2007 Celebration$0$694,000
C-97Planning: Renovation and Expansion of the Jamestown Gallery$1,500,000$4,805,000
C-98Planning: Commemorative Monument for 2007$125,000$0
C-99Planning: Plan A Plaza for the Commemorative Monument for 2007$223,000$0
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
C-100Construction: Replace Maintenance Facility$50,000$0
C-101Improvements: Create Emergency Accessway$33,000$0
Gunston Hall
C-101.10Improvements: General Renovations and Additions$0$2,250,000