2000 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 1073)

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First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002Totals

Office of Transportation

Secretary of Transportation
506Administrative and Support Services$516,888$517,276
Department of Aviation
507Administrative and Support Services$722,273$722,668
508Air Transportation Regulation and Safety$89,990$90,026
509Air Transportation System Maintenance and Operation$2,171,091$2,171,631
510Air Transportation System Planning$1,389,505$1,390,046
511Airport Assistance$18,022,265$18,725,765
Department of Motor Vehicles
512Administrative and Support Services$30,300,600$30,314,670
513Land Management$450,000$450,000
514Ground Transportation Regulation$105,912,700$105,964,705
515Ground Transportation System Safety$6,313,479$6,314,541
516Financial Assistance to Localities-General$34,500,000$34,500,000
Department of Rail and Public Transportation
517Administrative and Support Services$2,855,356$2,856,966
518Mass Transit Assistance$126,452,415$124,878,115
519Rail Assistance$4,075,000$4,075,000
520Language Only 
Department of Transportation
521Administrative and Support Services$105,359,500$108,328,300
522Land Management$735,500$764,800
523Ground Transportation Regulation$8,438,100$8,765,500
524Ground Transportation System Planning and Research$20,759,647$21,218,314
525Highway System Acquisition and Construction$1,608,354,038$1,399,011,951
526Highway System Maintenance$821,362,500$847,939,000
527Ground Transportation System Safety$8,141,815$8,421,735
528Toll Facility Operations$51,923,500$53,402,100
529Financial Assistance to Localities for Ground Transportation$215,604,500$222,097,500
532Transportation Pool Servicessum sufficient
533Language Only 
534Language Only 
535Language Only 
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
536Regulation of Professions and Occupations$1,642,362$1,643,373
Virginia Port Authority
537Commerce and Agricultural Markets Development and Improvement$8,426,511$8,428,504
538Port and Port Facility Management$36,534,411$37,748,666
539Water Transportation System Planning$586,978$588,760