2002 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 814)

Department of Health

Item 313

Item 313 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002
Regulation of Public Facilities and Services (56100)$6,825,300$6,878,593
Regulation of Health Care Facilities (56103)FY2001 $6,825,300FY2002 $6,878,593
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2001 $1,870,033FY2002 $1,921,304
SpecialFY2001 $655,927FY2002 $656,232
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2001 $751,298FY2002 $751,298
Federal TrustFY2001 $3,548,042FY2002 $3,549,759

Authority: §§ 32.1-123 through 32.1-138.5, Code of Virginia; and Title XVIII and Title XIX of the U.S. Social Security Act, Federal Code.

A. Out of the Special Fund appropriation for this Item, $278,000 the first year and $278,000 the second year is appropriated from statewide indirect cost recoveries of this agency to match federal funds and support the programs of the Center for Quality Health Care Services and Consumer Protection. Amounts recovered in excess of these appropriations shall be deposited to the general fund.

B. Out of this appropriation, $310,000 the first year and $310,000 the second year from the general fund is provided to support the administration of the patient level data base.

C. Out of this appropriation, $50,000 the second year from the general fund is provided for the Department to contract with the nonprofit health data organization designated in § 32.1-276.4, Code of Virginia, for the processing, analysis, and reporting of outpatient surgical data to be submitted by facilities licensed by the Department.The appropriation reduction in this paragraph pursuant to productivity savings is reflected in Item 543.05 of this act.

D. In order to improve the training of certified nurse assistants in the Commonwealth, the Department of Health shall provide nursing facilities the maximum flexibility allowed by the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration regarding the provision of on-site training for certified nurse assistants. The Department shall allow facilities to provide such on-site training regardless of the enforcement status of the facility, so long as serious patient health and safety violations are not involved.