1998 Session

Budget Bill - SB29 (Introduced)

Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Item 422

Item 422 (Not set out)

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Management (51100)$22,941,685$23,338,474
Freshwater Aquatic Species Management and Habitat Improvement (51101)FY1997 $5,240,042FY1998 $5,490,042
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Information and Education (51102)FY1997 $2,998,732FY1998 $2,998,732
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Regulation and Law Enforcement (51103)FY1997 $9,174,898FY1998 $9,236,187
Wildlife Management and Habitat Improvement (51106)FY1997 $5,528,013FY1998 $5,613,513
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $0FY1998 $250,000
Dedicated Special RevenueFY1997 $15,588,945FY1998 $15,735,734
Federal TrustFY1997 $7,352,740FY1998 $7,352,740

Authority: Title 29.1, Chapters 1 through 6, Code of Virginia.

The amounts for Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Management include $250,000 the second year from the general fund to complete construction of a fish passage at Bosher's Dam on the James River in the City of Richmond and Henrico County. These funds shall be paid into the Virginia Fish Passage Grant and Revolving Loan Fund.