1998 Session

Budget Bill - SB29 (Introduced)

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute

Item 350

Item 350 (Not set out)

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Administrative and Support Services (44900)$3,632,387$3,961,759
General Management and Direction (44901)FY1997 $1,923,129FY1998 $2,252,501
Computer Services (44902)FY1997 $108,123FY1998 $108,123
Food and Dietary Services (44907)FY1997 $569,021FY1998 $569,021
Housekeeping Services (44908)FY1997 $329,694FY1998 $329,694
Linen and Laundry Services (44909)FY1997 $22,280FY1998 $22,280
Physical Plant Services (44915)FY1997 $377,439FY1998 $377,439
Power Plant Operation (44917)FY1997 $213,397FY1998 $213,397
Training and Education Services (44925)FY1997 $89,304FY1998 $89,304
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $3,632,387FY1998 $3,961,759

Authority: Title 37.1, Chapters 1 and 2, Code of Virginia.

I VETO THIS ITEM /s/ GEORGE ALLEN (3/24/97) (Vetoed item is enclosed in brackets.)

[ Notwithstanding § 4-7.01b, should an increase in the position level number or funds for the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute be required due to agreement, litigation, or settlement with the United States Department of Justice, or in the alternative, in order to avoid such litigation, settlement or agreement, the Governor shall have the authority to make such increase. Funding for this increase shall be provided from unexpended balances of all agencies as of June 30, 1997, or from the unappropriated balance of this act. Any increase made under this provision shall be reported in writing to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee within ten days of such approval. ]