1998 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 464)

Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council

Item 457

Item 457

First Year - FY1999Second Year - FY2000
Adjudication Training, Education, and Standards (32600)$509,457$464,394
Prosecutorial Training (32604)FY1999 $509,457FY2000 $464,394
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1999 $509,457FY2000 $464,394

Authority: Title 2.1, Chapter 7.3:1, Code of Virginia.

A. Out of the amounts for Prosecutorial Training shall be paid one-half of the salary and employee benefit costs of the Administrator, subject to the provisions of § 4-6.01 j. of this act. The salary of the Administrator is listed in § 4-6.01 c.6 of this act.

B. The Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services and Training Council, with the assistance of the Compensation Board, shall review the impact of the provisions of Item 73, paragraph E, relating to the addition of prosecutor positions in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts in jurisdictions with high levels of juvenile criminal prosecutions. The review shall include an analysis of the workloads of these new positions and the types of offenses included in those workloads. A final report shall be presented to the 1999 General Assembly.