2012 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Committee Approved)

HAC Planning

Item C-39.05 #1h

Item C-39.05 #1h

First Year - FY2013 Second Year - FY2014
Central Appropriations
Central Capital Outlay FY2013 $600,000 FY2014 $0 GF
FY2013 $30,572,374 FY2014 $0 NGF

Page 383, after line 51, insert:
"A. The following projects shall be funded for detailed planning from the general fund, amounts in the Central Capital Planning Fund established under §2.2-1520of the Code of Virginia, and higher education operating nongeneral funds and the following amounts are hereby appropriated for such purposes.

Agency Code


Project Title

Planning Fund


Science Museum of VirginiaConstruct Event Space and Upgrade Museum Exhibits0 222,806 0 222,806
194Department of General ServicesMonroe Exterior Repairs and Jefferson Building Window Replacement0 254,467 0 254,467
199Department of Conservation and RecreationComplete Phase I Development, Powhatan State Park0 156,654 0 156,654
204College of William and MaryRenovate Tyler Hall0 338,980 338,980 677,960
207University of VirginiaRenovate the Rotunda600,000 527,593 1,127,593 2,255,186
208Virginia TechConstruct Classroom Building0 641,090 641,090 1,282,180
211Virginia Military InstituteConstruct Corps Physical Training Facilities, Phase I0 1,533,111 1,533,111 3,066,222
212Virginia State UniversityRenovate Lockett Hall0 274,682 274,682 549,364
213Norfolk State UniversityReplace Brown Hall0 1,137,590 1,137,590 2,275,180
214Longwood UniversityConstruct Student Success Center0 199,315 199,315 398,630
215University of Mary WashingtonRenovate Mercer and Woodward Halls0 226,655 226,655 453,310
216James Madison UniversityConstruct Health and Engineering Academic Facility (East Wing Hospital)0 1,258,692 1,258,692 2,517,384
217Radford UniversityConstruct New Academic Building, Phase I & II0 1,025,076 1,025,076 2,050,152
221Old Dominion UniversityConstruct New School of Education0 890,134 890,134 1,780,268
236Virginia Commonwealth UniversityConstruct and Renovate Information Commons and Libraries0 800,000 800,000 1,600,000
241Richard Bland UniversityRenovate Ernst Hall0 233,781 233,781 467,562
242Christopher Newport UniversityConstruct Student Success Center0 564,610 564,610 1,129,220
247George Mason UniversityConstruct Academic VII / Research III, Phase I0 1,348,227 1,348,227 2,696,454
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Phase III Academic Building, Midlothian Campus, John Tyler0 618,566 618,566 1,237,132
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Bayside Building, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater0 420,480 420,480 840,960
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct New Classroom and Administration Building, Blue Ridge0 313,278 313,278 626,556
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Building B, Parham Road Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds0 320,679 320,679 641,358
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Reynolds Academic Building, Loudoun Campus, Northern Virginia0 412,751 412,751 825,502
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Main Hall, Middletown Campus, Lord Fairfax0 250,000 250,000 500,000
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Anderson Hall, Virginia Western0 518,025 518,025 1,036,050
268Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceConstruct Consolidated Scientific Research Facility0 463,532 0 463,532
425Jamestown-Yorktown FoundationYorktown Outside Areas, Signage and Amenities0 385,000 0 385,000
912Department of Veterans ServicesVirginia War Memorial / DVS Offices and Parking0 343,034 0 343,034
935Roanoke Higher Education CenterImprovements / Waterproof Building0 440,251 0 440,251
GRAND TOTAL600,000 16,119,059 14,453,315 31,172,374

B.  In accordance with Title 2.2, Chapter 15.1, each institution shall submit their completed detailed planning documents to the Six-Year Capital Outlay Plan Advisory Committee for its review and recommendation.
C. 1. Each public college and university is authorized to use up to the amount appropriated from higher education operating nongeneral funds to conduct the detailed planning for the projects listed in paragraph A.
2. Each agency or institution may move to working drawings for the projects authorized in paragraph A.
3. Each institution shall be reimbursed when the project is funded to move into the construction phase.
D. In accordance with § 2.2-1520, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall reimburse the Central Capital Planning Fund for the amounts provided for detailed planning when the project is funded to move into the construction phase.
E. 1. When all projects authorized in paragraph A have moved into the construction phase, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget shall move the following projects to detailed planning.  Institutions of higher education may utilize institutional nongeneral funds, for which they will be reimbursed upon approval of construction funding, to advance these projects.

Agency Code


Project Title
194Department of General ServicesMorson Row Renovation
199Department of Conservation and RecreationConstruct Phase I Development & Campground Widewater State Park
203Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation CenterRenovate Anderson Vocational Training Building Phase I
207University of VirginiaRenovate Gilmer Hall and Chemistry Building
208Virginia TechRenovate / Renew Academic Buildings
211Virginia Military InstituteCorps Physical Training Facilities - Phase II
212Virginia State UniversityRenovate Harris Hall
213Norfolk State UniversityConstruct New Science Building
214Longwood UniversityReplace Willett Hall HVAC
215University of Mary WashingtonConstruct Jepson Science Center Addition
216James Madison UniversityRenovate Johnston Hall
217Radford UniversityRenovate Whitt Hall
218Virginia School for the Deaf at Blind at StauntonRenovate Main Hall
221Old Dominion UniversityConstruct a Joint Policing Facility
221Old Dominion UniversityRenovate Godwin Life Sciences Building
229Virginia Tech Cooperative ExtensionImprove Kentland Facilities, Phase I
236Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRenovate Sanger Hall, Phase II
236Virginia Commonwealth UniversityRenovate Raleigh Building
238Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsRenovate Robinson House
239Frontier Culture MuseumConstruct Early American Industry Exhibit
241Richard Bland UniversityRenovation of Humanities and Social Sciences Building
242Christopher Newport UniversityConstruct Library, Phase II
246University of Virginia at WiseConstruct Proscenium Theatre Building
247George Mason UniversityRenovate Robinson Hall and Harris Theater (Phased)
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Phase VII Academic Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Academic Building CN6, Chesapeake Campus, Tidewater
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Phase I Academic and Administration Building, Eastern Shore
260Virginia Community College SystemRenovate Engineering and Industrial Technology Building, Danville
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Bioscience Building, Blue Ridge
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Science Building, Chester Campus, John Tyler
260Virginia Community College SystemConstruct Student Service and Learning Resources Center, Christianna Campus, Southside VA
720Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental ServicesReplace Facility Roofs and Building Envelopes
777Department of Juvenile JusticeUpgrade Reception and Diagnostic Center (Infirmary and School)

2. Projects for public colleges and universities and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts shall be funded 50 percent from the planning fund and 50 percent from nongeneral fund sources for which they shall be reimbursed.  All other projects shall be funded entirely from central planning funds."

"C-39.05 Detail Planning for Capital Projects
Fund Sources: General
Dedicated Special Revenue
Higher Education Operating

(This amendment provides funding to conduct detailed planning for 29 projects using the process outline in Chapter 1 and 2, 2008 Special Session I. In addition, the item sets out the second group of projects that will proceed once the 29 projects authorized for detailed planning move into the construction phase.)