2012 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Committee Approved)

Level 2 (language only)

Item 4-9.03 #1h

Item 4-9.03 #1h

Higher Education Restructuring
Level II Authority

Page 450, after line 6, insert:
"§ 4-9.03 Level II Authority
Notwithstanding the provisions of § 5 of Chapter 824 and 829 of the 2008 Acts of Assembly, institutions of higher education that have met the eligibility criteria for additional operational and administrative authority set forth in Chapters 824 and 829 of the 2008 Acts of Assembly shall be allowed to enter into separate negotiations for additional operational authority for a third and separate functional area provided they have:
a) successfully completed at least three years of effectiveness and efficiencies operating under such additional authority granted by an original memorandum of understanding;  
b) successfully renewed an additional memoranda of understanding for a five year term for each of the original two areas.
The institutions shall meet all criteria and follow policies for negotiating and establishing a memorandum of understanding with the Commonwealth of Virginia as provided in § 2.0 (Information Technology), § 3.0 (Procurement), and § 4.0 (Capital Outlay) of Chapter 824 and 829 of the 2008 Acts of Assembly."

(This amendment provides higher education institutions to request an additional functional area for decentralized authority provided they have successfully demonstrated ability to manage operations under a memorandum of understanding.)