2020 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 1283)

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First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020Totals

Office of Administration

Secretary of Administration
65Administrative and Support Services$2,438,191$1,685,650
Compensation Board
66Financial Assistance for Sheriffs' Offices and Regional Jails$472,543,575$473,269,695
67Financial Assistance for Confinement of Inmates in Local and Regional Facilities$58,692,757$59,083,447
68Financial Assistance for Local Finance Directors$5,627,448$5,627,448
69Financial Assistance for Local Commissioners of the Revenue$18,622,744$18,653,994
70Financial Assistance for Attorneys for the Commonwealth$74,083,743$75,554,971
71Financial Assistance for Circuit Court Clerks$54,345,586$54,420,586
72Financial Assistance for Local Treasurers$17,503,235$17,503,235
73Administrative and Support Services$4,291,393$4,008,780
Department of General Services
74Laboratory Services$38,828,247$39,880,688
75Real Estate Services$69,138,310$70,571,518
76Procurement Services$57,757,745$58,557,181
77Physical Plant Management Services$52,818,677$53,465,300
78Printing and Reproduction$155,009$157,052
79Transportation Pool Services$19,774,962$20,162,297
80Administrative and Support Services$4,735,525$4,835,525
Department of Human Resource Management
81Personnel Management Services$103,100,826$108,364,532
Administration of Health Insurance$2,085,446,067$2,110,446,067
82Personnel Management Services$2,085,446,067$2,110,446,067
Department of Elections
83Electoral Services$12,116,786$16,114,173
84Financial Assistance for Electoral Services$5,957,836$5,957,836
Virginia Information Technologies Agency
84.10Information Systems Management and Direction$2,740,163$2,740,163
84.20Emergency Response Systems Development Technology Services$22,896,338$22,896,338
84.30Information Technology Development and Operations$329,182,128$273,570,619
84.40Central Support Services for Business Solutions$6,760,438$6,760,438
84.50Information Technology Planning and Quality Control$1,110,137$0
84.60Administrative and Support Services$44,146,614$42,390,093
84.70Information Technology Security Oversight$6,849,008$6,879,280