2009 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Chapter 781)

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First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010Totals

Office of Public Safety

Department of Forensic Science
C-114New Construction: Expand Laboratory Space in Norfolk Forensic Lab Building$3,827,000$0
C-115Language Only 
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
C-115.10Maintenance Reserve$400,000$400,000
Department of Corrections
C-116New Construction: Construct New Dairy and Dairy Processing Center$7,178,000$0
C-117New Construction: Medium Security Correctional Facility, Mount Rogers Planning District$4,000,000$0
C-118Improvements: Powhatan Electrical System Upgrade$2,000,000$0
C-119Improvements: Install Fire Safety Systems and Exits$890,000$0
C-120New Construction: Upgrade Powhatan Wastewater Treatment Plant$3,812,000$0
C-121New Construction: Replace Modular Units at Marion$4,401,000$0
C-122Improvements: Locking Systems and Cell Door Replacement$2,500,000$0
C-123Improvements: Replace Prison Door Control Panels
Improvements: Repair/Replace Door Controls
C-124Equipment: Install Auger/Grinder Collection Systems$800,000$0
C-125New Construction: Construct New Kitchen and Dining Hall at Halifax$4,061,000$0
C-126Improvements: Replace Sally Port at Southampton$1,613,000$0
C-127Improvements: Replace Plumbing and Heating Systems in Field Units$2,500,000$0
C-128Improvements: Upgrade Electrical Systems, Various Facilities$600,000$0
C-129New Construction: Install Elevated Water Storage Tank at Greensville$2,771,000$0
C-130Improvements: Replace Windows$2,000,000$0
C-131Improvements: Renovate Bathrooms and Provide Handicapped Access at Chesterfield$500,000$0
C-132Improvements: Install Railings and Mesh at Greensville$622,000$0
C-133New Construction: Expand Sally Port Building at Deerfield$238,000$0
C-134New Construction: Upgrade St. Brides Water Treatment Plant$3,353,000$0
C-134.10Language Only 
C-134.20New Construction: Craigsville Wastewater Treatment Plant$1,000,000$0
C-134.25Improvements: Replace Roofs Umbrella Project$0$5,000,000
Department of Emergency Management
C-135Language Only 
Department of Juvenile Justice
C-136New Construction: Replace Housing Units at Natural Bridge Juvenile Correctional Center$1,691,000$0
C-137New Construction: Replace Classroom Trailers at Beaumont JCC$450,000$0
C-138New Construction: Construct Dry-Storage Warehouse at Culpeper Juvenile Correctional Center$880,000$0
C-139Improvements: Remove Abandoned Underground Fuel Tanks$250,000$0
C-140Improvements: Upgrade Fire Alarm and Protection Systems$700,000$0
C-141New Construction: Replace Natural Gas, Water and Sewage Lines$2,200,000$0
C-142Improvements: Upgrade Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems for Reception and Diagnostic Center Cottages$700,000$0
C-143Improvements: Provide New DCE School HVAC Plant at Hanover Juvenile Correctional Center$500,000$0
C-144Improvements: Convert Facilities to Propane$525,000$0
C-145Improvements: Connect Cottages to Emergency Generators$670,000$0
C-145.05Improvements: Correct Erosion, Pamunkey$0$1,704,000
Department of State Police
C-146New Construction: Construct A Public Safety Driver Training Facility$21,400,000$0
C-147New Construction: Construct State Police Headquarters Garage$2,000,000$0
C-147.10New Construction: Target Practice Range$1,875,000$0
Department of Veterans Services
C-148Maintenance Reserve$193,000$192,000
C-149New Construction: Construct Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery$11,212,000$0
C-150Language Only 
C-151Language Only 
C-152Language Only 
C-153Language Only