2002 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 814)

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First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002Totals

Office of Education

Department of Education, Central Office Operations
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Hampton
Virginia School for the Deaf, Blind and Multi-Disabled at Hampton
C-9Improvements: Relocate Education Building Road$140,000$0
C-10Improvements: Install Air Conditioning in Bradford Hall$1,500,000$0
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton$1,500,000$0
C-11Improvement: Install Fire Alarms$208,000$0
C-12Improvements: Install Sprinklers in Battle Hall Dormitory$270,000$0
C-13Improvements: Install Sprinklers in Byrd Hall$313,000$0
C-14Improvements: Renovate Electrical System$105,000$0
C-15Improvements: Install Air Conditioning in Byrd Hall$225,000$0
C-16Improvements: Install Air Conditioning in Healy Hall$185,000$0
C-17Improvements: Install Sprinklers in Price and Carter Hall Dormitories$194,000$0
Christopher Newport University
C-18Improvements: Renovate Student Center$4,385,000$0
C-19New Construction: Construct Residence Hall$23,551,000$0
C-19.10New Construction: Performing Arts Center$2,500,000$0
C-19.20Acquisition: Master Plan Properties$1,000,000$0
C-19.30Improvements: Track Complex$1,000,000
C-19.40Improvements: Athletics Expansion$1,800,000
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-20Improvements: Renovate Dormitories$5,000,000$0
C-21Improvements: Renovate Recreational Sports Center$1,100,000$0
C-22New Construction: Construct Campus Housing$275,000$0
C-23New Construction: Construct Parking Deck$7,343,000$0
C-23.10Improvements: Renovation and Expansion of Millington Hall$4,000,000$12,000,000
C-23.15Improvements: Replace and Upgrade Heating and Cooling Systems in Various Buildings$0$1,305,000
Virginia Institute of Marine Science$1,700,000$0
C-23.20Improvements: Information Technology Infrastructure$1,000,000$0
C-23.30New Construction: Replace Brooke and Davis Halls$700,000$0
C-23.40Acquisition: Master Plan Properties$0$450,000
C-23.50New Construction: Estuarine Research Reserve and Education Laboratory Building$0$750,000
George Mason University
C-24New Construction: Academic Building IV, Fairfax Campus$1,760,000$0
C-25New Construction: Housing Building V, Fairfax Campus$25,530,000$0
C-26Improvements: Aquia and Pohick Lanes$1,000,000$0
C-27Improvements: Renovate Student Union Facilities$2,500,000$0
C-27.10New Construction: Academic II, Arlington Campus$7,000,000$0
James Madison University
C-28Improvements: Renovate Bluestone Dormitories, Phase II$8,259,000$0
C-29New Construction: Renovate and Construct An Addition to Bridgeforth Stadium$16,076,000
C-30Acquisition: Acquire Property on Main Street$350,000$0
C-31Improvements: Upgrade and Repair Storm and Sewer Systems$575,000$0
C-31.10Acquisition: Port Republic Road Property Acquisition$4,000,000$0
C-31.20Improvements: Harrison Hall and Annex Renovations$400,000$0
Longwood College
C-33Improvements: Renovate Bookstore$850,000$0
C-34New Construction: Construct Fitness Center/Field House$12,073,000$0
C-35Improvements: Construct Longwood Commons$3,308,000$0
C-36Language Only 
C-36.10New Construction: Science Building$3,000,000$9,500,000
C-37.10Improvements: Renovation of Ruffner Complex$0$1,952,000
C-37.20New Construction: Construct Parking Garage$0$4,500,000
Mary Washington College
C-38Improvements: Renovate Residence Hall$2,000,000$0
C-39Improvements: Residential Hall HVAC Project$2,300,000$0
C-40Improvements: Boiler Overhaul and Reconditioning$1,110,000$0
Melchers-Monroe Memorials$300,000$0
C-40.20New Construction: Expansion of Belmont Studio$300,000$0
Norfolk State University
C-41Improvements: Renovate Communications Building$299,000$0
C-42Improvements: HVAC Renovations$4,572,000$0
Old Dominion University
C-43Improvements: Improve Elkhorn Avenue Parking$1,422,000$0
C-43.10Acquisition: Master Plan Properties$2,000,000$0
C-43.20New Construction: Engineering and Computational Sciences Building$4,000,000$9,000,000
C-44Improvements: Comply with Federal and State Regulations$2,900,000$0
Radford University
C-45Improvements: Renovate Walker Hall$170,000$0
C-45.10Acquisition: Contiguous Properties$95,000$0
C-45.20Improvements: Peters Hall Renovation$9,600,000$0
C-45.30Improvements: Improve Norwood Street Safety$0$1,648,000
University of Virginia
C-46Improvements: Renovate Medical School Laboratories$2,000,000$0
C-46.10Improvements: Renovation of Fayerweather Hall and Art Studio Construction$2,400,000$7,000,000
C-46.20New Construction: Arts and Sciences Building$3,000,000$0
C-46.30New Construction: Law School Faculty/Student Center Supplement$1,000,000$0
C-46.40Improvements: Clark Hall Renovation and Addition$0$5,000,000
C-47New Construction: Special Collections Library$530,000$0
C-49Improvements: Renovate Lambeth Field Residence Area$1,619,000$0
C-50Improvements: Upgrade Vivaria in Various Buildings$2,000,000$0
C-51New Construction: Construct Concert Hall$25,000,000$0
C-52New Construction: Renovate and Construct An Addition to Miller Center$7,500,000$0
C-53New Construction: Construct Central Grounds Walk$8,500,000$0
C-54New Construction: Construct Addition to Aquatic and Fitness Center$5,000,000$0
C-55New Construction: Construct Monroe Lane Residence Hall$6,500,000$0
C-56Improvements: Renovate and Improve Academic and Research Facilities$8,000,000$0
C-57Improvements: Renovate and Improve Auxiliary Facilities$3,000,000$0
C-58Improvements: Central Grounds Chilled Water Plant$1,974,000$0
C-59Improvements: Replace Davis Electrical Vault$1,352,000$0
C-60Improvements: Install Fire Sprinkler System in Chemistry Building$900,000$0
C-60.10New Construction: Construct Engineering/Science Chiller Plant$0$2,400,000
C-60.20New Construction: Construct Parking Deck$0$18,500,000
University of Virginia Medical Center$64,916,000
C-61Improvements: Renovate Ambulatory Care Facilities$2,500,000$0
C-62New Construction: Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center$37,173,000
C-63New Construction: Construct New Clinical Laboratory Facilities$5,500,000$0
C-64Improvements: Renovate West Complex Parking Court$1,500,000$0
C-65New Construction: Expand University Hospital$2,243,000$0
C-66Acquisition: Acquire Clinical Facilities$12,000,000$0
C-67Improvements: Renovate Medical Center Facilities$4,000,000$0
University of Virginia's College at Wise$4,259,000$0
C-68Improvements: Renovate and Construct Addition to Science Building$80,000$0
C-68.10Improvements: Crockett Hall Renovation$200,000$0
C-68.20New Construction: Student Center Supplement$2,000,000$0
C-69New Construction: Construct Parking Lot and Streetscapes$1,000,000$0
C-70New Construction: Improve Stormwater Management$600,000$0
C-71Improvements: Construct Lighted Walkways and Various Safety Projects$379,000$0
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-73New Construction: Massey Cancer Center Addition$16,345,000$0
C-73.10Improvements: Tompkins-McCaw and James Branch Cabell Libraries Renovations$1,900,000$0
C-74New Construction: Sciences Building$2,240,000$0
C-75New Construction: School of Social Work Building$3,592,000$0
C-76Improvements: Renovate Sanger Hall$0$536,000
C-77Improvements: Renovate Space for Honors Program$1,300,000$0
C-78New Construction: Renovate and Construct Addition to Student Centers$10,000,000$0
C-79New Construction: Construct Housing on MCV Campus$14,506,000$0
C-80New Construction: Construct Addition to School of Engineering, Phase II$26,300,000$0
C-81New Construction: Construct Housing on Academic Campus
New Construction: Construct or Acquire Housing for the Academic Campus
C-82New Construction: Construct Bowe Street Parking Deck
New Construction: Construct Bowe Street Parking, Arts Laboratory and Athletic Facility
C-83Improvements: Life, Health and Safety Code Renovations$1,898,000$0
C-84Improvements: Repair MCV Steam Tunnels$3,490,000$0
C-84.10Language Only 
Virginia Community College System
C-85New Construction: Construct Medical Education Campus, Northern Virginia$1,250,000$0
C-85.10Improvements: Plaza Repairs, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$750,000$0
C-85.20Improvements: Science Building Renovation and Addition, Loudoun Campus, Northern Virginia$4,405,000$0
C-86Improvements: Humanities and Social Science Building Piedmont Virginia$100,000$0
C-87New Construction: New Academic Building, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$2,331,000$0
C-88Improvements: Renovate Godwin and Holton Halls, Mountain Empire$100,000$0
C-89Improvements: Renovate Science Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$500,000$0
C-89.10Language Only 
C-90New Construction: Construct Workforce Development Center, Paul D. Camp$500,000$0
C-91New Construction: Regional Center for Technology Training, Danville$280,000$0
C-92New Construction: Construct Western Campus, Phase II, J. Sargeant Reynolds$126,000$0
C-93New Construction: Downtown Campus Parking Deck, J. Sargeant Reynolds$6,480,000$0
C-94Improvements: Improve Recreational Sites, Southwest Virginia$450,000$0
C-95Improvements: Improve Campus Infrastructure, Thomas Nelson$477,000$0
C-96New Construction: Ring Road Extension, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$1,165,000$0
C-97New Construction: Addition to Walker Fine Arts Center, Patrick Henry$442,000$0
C-98Improvements: Replace Roofs at Various Campuses$5,391,000$0
C-99Improvements: Replace Major Mechanical Systems, Various Campuses$6,000,000$0
C-100Improvements: Upgrade Fire Alarm System, Thomas Nelson$624,000$0
C-101New Construction: Peninsula Workforce Development Center Thomas Nelson$175,000$0
C-101.10Acquisition: Available Contiguous Properties, Danville$500,000$0
C-102New Construction: Maintenance Buildings, Various Campuses$2,200,000$1,100,000
C-103New Construction: Construct Learning Resource Center, Southwest Virginia$641,000$0
C-104New Construction: Construct Manufacturing Technologies Building, Central Virginia$6,191,000$0
C-104.10New Construction: Fredericksburg Area Campus, Phase II, Germanna$6,144,000$0
C-104.20Improvements: Workforce Development and Technical Training Center Renovations, Rappahannock$1,750,000$0
C-104.30New Construction: College Services Building, Virginia Western$0$708,000
Virginia Military Institute
C-105New Construction: Women's Athletic Facilities$98,000$0
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-106New Construction: Alumni Center, Continuing Education Center and Hotel Complex$43,522,000$0
C-107Improvements: Life, Health and Safety Code Renovations$2,500,000$0
C-108New Construction: Construct Career Services Facility$4,608,000$0
C-109Acquisition: Acquire Heiskell and Wright Properties$1,361,000$0
C-110New Construction: Construct Golf Course Facilities$1,500,000$0
C-111New Construction: Expand Lane Stadium, Phase I$26,000,000$0
C-112Improvements: Improve Security Access$1,366,000$0
C-113New Construction: Construct New Residence Hall$1,041,000$0
C-114New Construction: Construct Electric Service Facility$3,000,000$0
C-116New Construction: Construct Biomedical Sciences Complex, Phase I$21,864,000$0
C-117Improvements: Construct Recreation Fields$1,529,000$0
C-118New Construction: Construct Geotechnical Research Laboratory$800,000$0
C-118.10New Construction: Microelectronics Laboratories$1,500,000$0
C-118.20Language Only 
C-118.30Renovation of Instructional Facilities
Improvements: Renovate Burruss, Agnew, and Williams Halls
C-118.35Construction: Construct New Chemistry and Physics Building$0$21,855,147
Virginia Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station$3,718,000$0
C-118.40New Construction: Livestock Teaching Arena$3,718,000$0
Virginia State University
C-119Improvements: Renovate Owens Hall$835,000$0
C-120Improvements: Renovate Johnston Memorial Library$717,000$0
C-122Improvements: Repair Steam Tunnels$1,918,000$0
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
C-123Improvements: Jamestown Settlement Cafe and Visitor Center$305,000$0
C-124New Construction: Jamestown Interim Exhibit$806,000$0
C-125New Construction: Renovation and Expansion of the Jamestown Gallery$8,856,000$0
C-126New Construction: Jamestown Entrance Plaza, Parking Lots, and Roadways$459,000$0
C-127New Construction: Jamestown Riverfront Support Area$255,000$0
C-128New Construction: Yorktown Visitor Reception and Education Building$111,000$0
C-129New Construction: Yorktown Exhibition Galleries$46,000$0
C-130New Construction: Central Support Complex$382,000$0
C-131Improvements: Jamestown Maintenance Building$43,000$0
C-132New Construction: Jamestown Powhatan Village$100,000$0
C-133New Construction: Jamestown Fort$617,000$0
C-134New Construction: Replace Jamestown Ships$300,000$0
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-135Improvements: Renovate East and West Terrace$90,000$0
C-136Improvements: Renovate Infrastructure to Planetarium and Imax Dome$500,000$0
C-137Improvements: Seperate Combined Sewer Lines$500,000$0
C-137.10New Construction: Belmont Bay Life Science Center$300,000$0
C-137.20New Construction: Addition to the Danville Science Center$400,000$0
C-137.30Improvements: Continue Renovation of East and West Terrace and Combine Stormwater and Sewer Systems$0$1,684,000
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-139New Construction: Expand and Renovate Museum$4,161,000$0
C-139.10Improvements: Fire Suppression$2,700,000$0
Gunston Hall
C-139.20New Construction: Additions to Ann Mason Building$2,250,000$0