2012 Session

Budget Bill - SB30 (Introduced)

First Year - FY2013Second Year - FY2014
Total For The College of William and Mary in Virginia$273,542,670$273,541,045
General Fund Positions542.66542.66
Nongeneral Fund Positions868.96868.96
Position Level1,411.621,411.62
Fund Sources:
Higher Education Operating$210,592,291$210,592,291
Debt Service$21,995,561$21,989,623
Grand Totals For The College of William and Mary in Virginia includes Richard Bland College, Virginia Institute of Marine Science$328,994,359$328,995,415
General Fund Positions892.86892.86
Nongeneral Fund Positions1,009.671,009.67
Position Level1,902.531,902.53
Fund Sources:
Higher Education Operating$243,009,486$243,009,486
Debt Service$21,995,561$21,989,623