2020 Special Session I

Budget Amendments - SB5015 (Floor Request)

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Chief Patron: Newman
Public Health Education Program Requirements (language only)

Item 299 #2s

Item 299 #2s

Health and Human Resources
Department of Health


Page 109, after line 3, insert:

"I.  The Virginia Department of Health shall only use the Federal Title V Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Program for public health education initiatives that teaches youth sexual risk avoidance and the associated benefits of voluntarily refraining from sexual activity.  The department shall ensure that any federal funding used for any service or contract that allows youth to submit questions regarding sexual health require that such information in response to only include information on the benefits of voluntarily refraining from sexual activity relevant to the specific questions asked.  No other type of information shall be disseminated to youth without specific parental consent.

J.  The Virginia Department of Health shall ensure that in any of its public health programing or contracts with vendors for such, that provide information to consumers, comply with any approved family life education curriculum standards approved by each local school board that is relevant to the information being distributed as to the content of such public information.

K.  The Virginia Department of Health shall report annually, by October 1, on the data sources used to contact individuals living in Virginia related to the dissemination of public health information, which shall include the sources used for addresses used for mailing materials, telephones numbers for phone calls or text messages, and email addresses, either utilized by the department or its vendors.  The department shall ensure that its own employees and vendors keep the personal contact information used in public health programs confidential and not use or share that information for any other purpose."


(This amendment ensures that certain federal funding is used for its intended purpose and that the Virginia's Department of Health disseminates public health-related information such that it is consistent with the standards adopted by local government, if they exist. In addition, it requires the agency and its vendors in providing such information to Virginia consumers to keep contact information confidential and not use it for any other purpose.)