2020 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Floor Request)

Floor Action: Passed By

Chief Patron: Gilbert
Prohibiting Use of I-66 "Inside the Beltway" Toll Revenues for Rail (language only)

Item 4-5.12 #2h

Item 4-5.12 #2h

Special Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
Limitations on Uses of Highway Funds


Page 559, after line 30, insert:

"§ 4-5.12 Limitations on Uses of Highway Funds

It is the intent of the General Assembly that no toll revenues generated from High-Occupancy Toll lanes on Interstate 66 inside the Capitol Beltway shall be used to support rail improvements for the Atlantic Gateway/Long Bridge Project, whether by use of cash support or the repayment of Bonds authorized under the Commonwealth of Virginia Passenger Rail Facilities Bond Act of 2020, or any other Bond authorization approved by the 2020 General Assembly for rail improvements."          


(This amendment prohibits the use of revenues generated from tolls charged on Interstate 66 "Inside the Beltway" to support rail projects.)