2018 Special Session I

Budget Amendments - HB5002 (Committee Approved)

Capitol Square Infrastructure

Item C-51.50 #1h

Item C-51.50 #1h

First Year - FY2019 Second Year - FY2020
Central Appropriations
Central Capital Outlay FY2019 $11,820,000 FY2020 $0 NGF

Page 453, after line 16, insert:

"C-51.50 Improvements: Capitol Complex Infrastructure and Security (18081)$11,820,000$0
Fund Sources:  Debt Service $11,820,000 $0 "

Page 453, after line 16, insert:

"A.  1. Pursuant to projects authorized and funded in paragraphs B and E.1 of Item C-39.40 of Chapter 1 of the 2014 Special Session I, Virginia Acts of Assembly, the General Assembly appropriated funds to the Department of General Services (DGS) for Capitol Complex Infrastructure and Security construction projects. Project work includes security work to be performed, at North 9th Street, (in the area north of where Grace Street intersects 9th Street and south of where 9th Street intersects Broad Street), which is owned by the City of Richmond (City), and more specifically as determined by the DGS project team and in collaboration with the City with respect to North 9th Street.   Accordingly, the City and DGS shall enter into a deed of easement whereby the City, without charge to the Commonwealth, shall grant to DGS, as agent of the Commonwealth, where mutually agreeable across, over, under and above North 9th Street, the perpetual right, privilege and easement to construct, install, use, operate, inspect, maintain, repair, replace, rebuild, improve, alter and remove any construction contracted for by DGS as part of the referenced construction projects and all equipment, accessories, utilities and appurtenances necessary to support the construction projects, as well as any necessary or appropriate temporary construction easements, upon terms approved by the City Council and the Governor (pursuant to § 2.2-1149, Code of Virginia).

2. The City, without expending City funds, shall cooperate with DGS (i) to support the referenced construction project work to be performed at North 9th Street, to relocate any utilities located in the agreed upon easement area, if necessary, and (ii) to coordinate any closure or other traffic flow controls of North 9th Street during the construction  projects.  At no time shall DGS make any permanent changes to the North 9th Street right-of-way without the prior approval of the Chief Administrative Officer of the City or the City hinder or delay construction of the referenced construction projects.

B. 1. Pursuant to projects authorized and funded in paragraph E.1 of Item C-39.40 of Chapter 1 of the Acts of Assembly of 2014, operations of the Virginia General Assembly have temporarily moved and now operate from the Pocahontas Building bounded by the following streets 9th to the west, 10th to the east, Bank to the north, and Main to the south in the City of Richmond. This temporary move has  resulted in the Commonwealth's legislative activities to be concentrated in an area requiring traffic and pedestrian operational safety and security enhancements. As such, and pursuant to the responsibilities of the Department of General Services (DGS) (§ 2.2-1129) and the Division of Capitol Police (DCP) (§ 30-34.2:1), Bank Street from 9th to 12th Street in the City of Richmond shall be controlled by the DGS and the DCP   year-round while General Assembly operations are   located, and conducted,  in the Pocahontas Building. Vehicular travel limitations and pedestrian management needs on and along Bank Street shall be determined jointly by the DGS and the DCP during that time. These determinations will be based on the recommendations outlined in the Bank Street Safety and Security Assessment prepared by Commonwealth Architects dated February 15, 2017 (the Assessment). Funding for materials and contract services needed to address pedestrian and vehicle management activities are available to DGS from the Chapter referenced in this item.

2. At no time, will DGS or DCP make permanent changes to Bank Street right-of-way (e.g. traffic control devices, security fixtures, street lighting, surface treatments) without the approval of the City of Richmond's Chief Administrative Officer. Additionally, at no time will the City prevent DGS and DCP from implementing and maintaining the recommendations outlined in the Assessment. Bank Street operations, as described in paragraph A, will remain under the control of DGS and DCP year-round until control of Bank Street l reverts to the City of Richmond upon the General Assembly, and its operations, vacating the Pocahontas Building,  and the General Assembly, with approval of the Governor, authorizing control of Bank Street  back to the City of Richmond."


(This amendment provides a supplement to account for price escalation. In addition, language provides for the necessary easements to execute the project.)