2018 Special Session I

Budget Amendments - HB5002 (Committee Approved)

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Phase-In DMV REAL ID Compliance (language only)

Item 439 #3h

Item 439 #3h

Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Motor Vehicles FY2019 -29.00 FY2020 -29.00 FTE


Page 387, strike line 47 and 48 and insert:

"2. At least 10 days prior to any draw downs from this line of credit, the Secretaries of Finance and Transportation shall report to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees the following:  (i) the amount of any proposed draw down, (ii) the incremental and cumulative costs associated with system modifications and equipment, (iii) the incremental and cumulative number of full-time equivalent positions and part-time positions filled to support the implementation of the federal REAL ID Act and, (iv) the intended usage of any new draw downs.  Subsequent to October 1, 2018, the department shall report on a quarterly basis to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees on the number of REAL ID compliant credentials that have been issued and any changes in average wait times at DMV offices that have resulted from the increased workload.  The first report shall be submitted by January 1, 2019 for the period October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, and additional reports shall be submitted every three months thereafter."


(This amendment reduces the number of new FTE positions authorized to implement the federal REAL ID Act by 29 positions, leaving 42 new full-time personnel available. While a multi-year effort with up-front costs, the implementation of federally compliant identification should not rely on permanent employees given that we cannot accurately estimate how many will chose to pay for the voluntary credential, nor the timing of when citizens choose to obtain such credentials. House Bill 5002 as introduced authorized an increase of 25.0 FTE positions in fiscal year 2018 and increased that number to 71.0 FTE positions in fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2020 to support this effort. This amendment reduces the position request and includes a number of reporting requirements to allow for greater General Assembly oversight of the process. If DMV sees a degradation of its service levels, the 2019 General Assembly could choose to address this issue by authorizing additional personnel.)