2017 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: Landes
Co-Patron(s): O'Bannon
Modify Contract for Community-Based Mental Health System Analysis (language only)

Item 284 #4h

Item 284 #4h

Health and Human Resources
Secretary of Health and Human Resources


Page 263, line 15 strike "expedite" and insert:

"recommend the most efficient, effective and accountable structure and financing to".

Page 263, line 15, strike "transformation" and insert "transform".

Page 263, line 15, strike "community" and insert "community-based".

Page 263, line 16. after "with the" insert "consumers of services, the".

Pag 263, line 17, after "(VACSB)," insert:

"the Virginia Association of Community-Based Providers (VACBP), the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association,".

Page 263, line 19, strike "community" and insert "community-based".

Page 263, line 20, strike "all 40 Community Services" and insert:

"the Commonwealth of Virginia".

Page 263, line 21, strike "Boards (CSBs) and Behavioral Health Authorities".

Page 263, line 22, after "assessment" insert:

"as compared to other states".

Page 263, line 23, before "gap" insert "a service".

Page 263, line 23, after "Access" insert:

"through any qualified public or private provider of services".

Page 263, line 25, strike "Documented Vision of Transformation" and insert:

"Vision and recommendations for the most efficient, effective and accountable service delivery system".

Page 263, line 25, strike "expectations for partnerships with" and insert:

"the roles and responsibilities of private sector community-based providers, Behavioral Health Authorities and the Community Services Boards (CSBs), and including".

Page 263, line 26, strike "private providers;".

Page 263, line 27, strike "The".

Page 263, strike line 28.

Page 263, line 29, strike "performance in Virginia. (2) A Current State" and insert:

"(2) A Performance".

Page 263, line 30, after "includes" strike "an understanding of existing community" and insert:

"(i) responsiveness to individuals receiving services and their families, including waiting lists or long delays in the provision of services; (ii) methods and results for ensuring consumer choice in the provider of services; (iii) existence and results of facility performance measures and service outcome measures; (iv) service capacities, staffing, revenues and expenditures; and (v) stewardship of public funds.  (3) A state-wide analysis of existing public and private-sector community-based".

Page 263, line 32, after "individuals" insert:

"and the needs of individuals consuming significant behavioral health hospital related emergency services".

Page 263, line 32, after "availability" insert:

"and utilization".

Page 263, line 32, before "transportation" insert:

"availability of".

Page 263, line 34, strike "3" and insert "4".

Page 263, line 34, after "indicating the" strike the remainder of the line and insert:

"most efficient and effective resources needed to provide accessible high quality behavioral and medical health care."

Page 263, line 35, strike "of Transformation and the Current State for each CSB. (4)" and insert:


Page 263, line 36, after "access" insert:

"to public and private behavioral and medical health services".

Page 263, line 37, strike "5" and insert "6".

Page 263, line 38, after "streams" insert:

"and estimated savings that may be achieved from the implementation of Same Day Access to services".

Page 263, line 42, after "boards" insert:

"and private providers".

Page 263, line 49, after "agencies" strike the remainder of the line and insert:

"or the combining and streamlining of agencies with oversight responsibilities for behavioral and medical health services."

Page 263, strike line 50.

Page 263, line 52, strike "and VACSB" and insert:

", VACSB, and the VACBP".

Page 264, line 3, after "Assembly)" insert:

", however the contractor shall not be bound or restricted by the Joint Subcommittee commendations in its recommendations".

Page 264, line 8, strike "department" and insert:

"agencies of jurisdiction".


(This amendment modifies the behavioral health system evaluation to create more flexibility and increase the opportunity for the contractor to examine more of Virginia's Medicaid system of behavioral and medical health care and to recommend transformational changes based on efficiency, effectiveness and accountability measures, best practices, and performance and outcome measures found to be effective in other states and elsewhere. Virginia's system of care should be as effective, efficient and accountable as possible so that limited Medicaid resources may be used to maximum effect for vulnerable Virginians. In addition, it includes a review of the management of the private sector and allows the contractor to recommend combining and/or streamlining agencies with oversight of Medicaid behavioral and medical health services. The language requires the contractor to work in partnership with private sector providers as well as the Community Services Boards. It clarifies that the contractor is not constrained in its recommendations by the information and recommendations of the Joint Subcommittee on Mental Health whose final recommendations will be considered by the 2018 General Assembly. Lastly, the language provides flexibility to the oversight committee to examine recommendations affecting more than one agency or department.)