2014 Special Session I

Budget Amendments - HB5002 (Floor Approved)

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Corrections Special Reserve Fund

Item 385 #1h

Item 385 #1h

First Year - FY2015 Second Year - FY2016
Public Safety
Corrections, Department of FY2015 ($322,518) FY2016 $0 GF

Page 319, line 54, strike "$100,829,105" and insert "$100,506,587".
Page 321, line 29, strike "$889,181" and insert "$566,663".
Page 321, strike lines 34 through 37 and insert:
"a.  House Bill 235 and Senate Bill 454:  To increase the penalties for the solicitation of a minor for prostitution or for the taking or detaining of a person for prostitution -- $50,000.
b.  House Bill 567:  To increase the crimes penalized as sexual battery -- $50,000.
c.  House Bill 708:  To expand the list of crimes for which a third offense of assault and battery against family or household member is a felony -- $50,000.
d.  House Bill 810 and Senate Bill 65:  To increase the penalties for use of firearm with reckless disregard for human life causing serious bodily injury to another -- $50,000.
e.  House Bill 972:  To provide for the inclusion of companion animals in protective orders -- $50,000.
f.  House Bill 976:  To increase the penalties for accessories after the fact in homicide cases -- $50,000.
g.  House Bill 1112 and Senate Bill 594:  To regulate the production of controlled substance analogs and cannabimimetic agents -- $66,663.
h.  House Bill 1251:  To require the registration of any change in name by a person required to register on the Sex Offender and Crimes against Minors Registry -- $50,000.
i. House Bill 575:  To add Lorcaserin and Perampanel to the list of Schedule III and IV controlled substances -- $50,000.
j. Senate Bill 14:  To prohibit certain crimes against nature -- $50,000.
k. Senate Bill 476:  To expand the definition of incest to include step-parents and step-grandparents -- $50,000."

(This amendment reduces the total deposit into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund by $322,518 from the general fund in the first year. With this amendment, the total deposit is reduced from $889,181 in the budget as introduced, to $566,663. This deposit, as adjusted, is associated with legislation proposed by the House of Delegates to increase criminal penalties or create new criminal penalties, as required by § 30-19.1:4, Code of Virginia. These amounts are paid into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund to account for the expected number of additional beds in the Department of Corrections required to house additional offenders. A companion amendment to Item 384 utilizes these funds to offset correctional facility operating costs.)