2000 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Conference Report)

Transfer DRVD to New Agency

Item 86 #1c

Item 86 #1c

First Year - FY2001 Second Year - FY2002
Rights of Virginians With Disabilities, Department for the FY2001 ($205,384) FY2002 ($205,473) NGF

Page 54, line 44, strike "$205,384     $205,473" and insert "$0      $0".
Page 54, line 45, strike "$205,384      $205,473" and insert "$0       $0".
Page 54, after line 46, insert:
"Reductions in appropriations in this Item the first and second year are contingent upon passage of House Bill 491."

(This amendment transfers funding in the first and second year for Individual Care Services (program 45500) within the Department for the Rights of Virginians with Disabilities to the newly created Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy, an independent agency. A companion amendment in Item 570.10 establishes the new agency, pursuant to House Bill 491.)