2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2011Second Year - FY2012Totals

Office of Natural Resources

Secretary of Natural Resources
349Administrative and Support Services$591,029$591,029
Chippokes Plantation Farm Foundation
350Agricultural and Seafood Product Promotion and Development Services$184,181$184,181
Department of Conservation and Recreation
351Land and Resource Management$67,590,053$67,590,053
352Leisure and Recreation Services$50,108,610$50,108,610
353Administrative and Support Services$7,796,638$7,796,638
Department of Environmental Quality
354Land Protection$13,197,777$13,197,777
355Water Protection$44,738,907$44,738,907
356Air Protection$16,830,647$16,830,647
357Environmental Financial Assistance$57,373,759$57,373,759
358Administrative and Support Services$22,884,380$22,884,380
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
359Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Management$40,581,585$40,581,585
360Boating Safety and Regulation$6,688,308$6,688,308
361Administrative and Support Services$6,203,483$6,203,483
362Language Only 
Department of Historic Resources
363Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$4,655,433$4,655,433
364Administrative and Support Services$722,082$722,082
Marine Resources Commission
365Marine Life Management$17,288,160$17,288,160
366Coastal Lands Surveying and Mapping$2,485,781$2,137,781
367Tourist Promotion$220,000$220,000
368Administrative and Support Services$1,729,196$1,738,064
Virginia Museum of Natural History
369Museum and Cultural Services$3,155,867$3,155,867