2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2011Second Year - FY2012Totals

Office of Agriculture and Forestry

Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
81Administrative and Support Services$340,384$340,384
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
82Nutritional Services$2,003,462$2,003,462
83Animal and Poultry Disease Control$6,744,156$6,742,906
84Agricultural Industry Marketing, Development, Promotion, and Improvement$15,461,990$15,461,990
85Plant Pest and Disease Control$4,588,412$4,588,412
86Agriculture and Food Homeland Security$373,467$373,467
87Consumer Affairs Services$2,176,123$2,176,123
88Regulation of Business Practices$4,394,663$4,394,663
89Food Safety and Security$5,718,085$4,871,394
90Regulation of Products$6,099,899$6,099,899
91Regulation of Charitable Gaming Organizations$1,755,245$1,755,245
92Administrative and Support Services$8,290,566$8,249,261
Department of Forestry
93Forest Management$26,685,478$26,926,997
Agricultural Council
94Agricultural and Seafood Product Promotion and Development Services$490,334$490,334