2000 Session

Budget Bill - SB29 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY1999Second Year - FY2000Totals

Independent Agencies

State Corporation Commission
555Language Only 
556Payments to Insurance Companies$4,734,104$4,910,508
557Regulation of Business Practices$14,288,409$13,608,724
558Regulation of Financial Concerns$8,857,191$8,581,781
559Regulation of Insurance Companies$17,149,746$16,949,921
560Tax Value Assistance to Localities$1,255,539$1,208,693
561Regulation of Utilities$10,172,152$10,042,914
562Ground Transportation Regulation$430,564$427,586
563Financial Assistance to Localities-General$380,000$380,000
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
564Employment Assistance Services$11,547,542$11,712,660
565Temporary Income Supplement Services$2,070,985$2,111,070
State Lottery Department
566State Lottery Operations$66,878,828$68,668,981
566.10Disbursement of Lottery Prize Paymentssum sufficient
Virginia Retirement System
567Administrative and Support Services$14,006,718$14,225,351
568Investment, Trust, and Insurance Services$5,868,195$6,013,243
569Language Only 
Medical College of Virginia Hospitals Authority
570Language Only 
Board of the Virginia Higher Education Tuition Trust Fund
571Administrative and Support Services$2,340,810$2,846,735
571.10Investment, Trust, and Insurance Servicessum sufficient
Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy
571.20Protective Services$0$1,490,340
571.21Social Services Research, Planning, and Coordination$0$575,277
571.22Individual Care Services$0$193,495
571.23Language Only