2000 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002Totals

Office of Administration

Secretary of Administration
55Administrative and Support Services$503,629$504,923
56Administrative and Support Services$496,892$497,258
Charitable Gaming Commission
57Regulation of Business Practices$2,795,966$2,905,749
Commission on Local Government
58Governmental Affairs Services$678,065$679,551
Commonwealth Competition Council
59Management Analysis Services$322,700$322,958
Compensation Board
60Administrative and Support Services$1,661,060$1,663,593
61Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension$336,126,311$336,126,311
62Legal Advice$46,492,622$46,462,654
63Pre-Trial, Trial, and Appellate Processes$42,477,047$42,477,098
64Financial Assistance for Confinement in Local Facilities$53,836,694$53,836,694
65Financial Assistance to Localities-General$5,238,059$5,238,059
66Revenue Administration Services$24,177,403$24,177,403
67Tax Value Assistance to Localities$17,978,984$17,978,984
Council on Human Rights
68Personnel Management Services$385,440$386,107
Department of Employee Relations Counselors
69Personnel Management Services$1,598,339$1,607,411
Department of General Services
70Administrative and Support Services$4,737,356$4,855,467
71Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$340,750$262,750
72Investment, Trust, and Insurance Services$3,138,235$3,139,502
73Laboratory Services$13,402,021$13,392,599
74Physical Plant Acquisition and Construction$2,672,666$2,674,726
75Procurement Services$5,766,763$5,557,349
76Physical Plant Maintenance and Operation$5,036,932$5,037,340
77Printing and Reproductionsum sufficient
78Central Support Services for Business Solutionssum sufficient
79Property Disposal Servicessum sufficient
Department of Personnel and Training
80Administrative and Support Services$4,686,605$3,264,179
81Personnel Management Services$4,385,397$4,394,968
82Investment, Trust, and Insurance Services$519,251$523,279
Department for the Rights of Virginians with Disabilities
83Social Services Research, Planning, and Coordination$705,696$706,089
84Protective Services$959,951$960,450
85Individual Care Services$205,384$205,473
86Language Only 
Department of Veterans' Affairs
87Continuing Income Assistance Services$3,328,025$2,995,993
State Board of Elections
88Electoral Services$11,971,388$9,892,016
Virginia Public Broadcasting Board
89Financial Assistance for Cultural and Artistic Affairs$4,553,366$4,553,366
90Financial Assistance for Public Education (Categorical)$3,649,050$3,649,050
Virginia Veterans Care Center Board of Trustees
91State Health Services$189,151$189,265