2000 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 1073)

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First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002Totals

Office of Public Safety

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
C-155Maintenance Reserve$1,925,000$0
Department of Corrections, Central Activities
C-157Improvements: Field Unit Electrical Systems Upgrades$200,000$800,000
C-158New Construction: Replace St. Brides$16,000,000$0
C-159Improvements: Heating and Plumbing Systems Upgrades$980,000$0
C-160Improvements: UST Upgrade$649,000$0
C-161Improvements: Adapt Facility for Sexually Violent Predators$621,000$0
C-162Improvements: Install and Upgrade Perimeter Detection Systems$50,000$904,000
C-164Improvements: Install Fire Safety Systems and Exits$191,000$584,000
C-165Improvements: Install Elevator in Marion Correctional Center$25,000$185,000
C-166Improvements: Install Ventilation and Cooling System in Southampton WDC$113,000$0
C-167New Construction: Construct Wastewater Treatment Plant at VCCW$0$907,500
C-168Improvements: Upgrade Coffeewood Wastewater Treatment Plant$600,000$0
C-169Improvements: Install Emergency Generators$0$1,000,000
C-170Improvements: Relocate James River Sewer Plant Discharge$183,000$0
C-171Equipment: Install Auger/Grinder Collection Systems$200,000$200,000
C-172Improvements: Connect Southampton Staff Houses to Sewer System$95,000$0
C-173New Construction: Construct New Storage Building at Brunswick$50,000$0
C-175New Construction: Construct Vocational Space at Baskerville$200,000$0
C-176New Construction: Replace James River Water Treatment Plant$800,000$0
C-177New Construction: Construct Meat Processing Plant$0$100,000
C-178Improvements: Replace Emergency Generator System at Bland$95,000$894,000
Department of Criminal Justice Services
C-178.10New Construction: Fort Pickett Law Enforcement Driver Training Facility$400,000$0
Department of Emergency Services
C-179Improvements: Environmental Cleanup of the Emergency Fuel Storage Facility$1,597,000$0
Department of Juvenile Justice
C-180Improvements: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Upgrades$4,045,000$0
C-181Improvements: Fire Safety Improvements$425,000$0
C-182Improvements: Wastewater System Improvements$1,500,000$0
C-183New Construction: Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center Kitchen and Dining Hall$3,028,000$0
C-183.10Improvements: Beaumont Cottage Renovations$2,800,000$0
C-183.20Improvements: Hanover Cottage Renovations$3,100,000$0
Department of Military Affairs
C-184Improvements: Handicapped Access$213,000$0
Public Safety Capital Clearing Account
C-184.10Improvements: Capital Clearing Account$0$0
Department of State Police
C-184.20New Construction: Melfa Area Office Renovation and Addition$233,000$0
C-184.30New Construction: Danville Area Office$330,000$0
C-184.40New Construction: Clifton Forge Area Office$233,000$0