1997 Session

Budget Bill - SB700 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998Totals

Legislative Department

General Assembly of Virginia
1Enactment of Laws$19,728,466$19,009,966
Division of Legislative Services
2Administrative and Support Services$67,500$67,500
3Legislative Research and Analysis$3,469,904$3,518,388
Virginia Code Commission$260,930$260,930
4Enactment of Laws$260,930$260,930
Virginia Coal and Energy Commission$21,320$21,320
5Resource Management Research, Planning, and Coordination$21,320$21,320
State Water Commission$10,160$10,160
6Environmental Policy and Program Development$10,160$10,160
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws$39,500$39,500
7Governmental Affairs Services$39,500$39,500
Virginia Housing Study Commission$129,774$129,774
8Housing Assistance Services$129,774$129,774
Virginia State Crime Commission$389,750$389,750
9Criminal Justice Research, Planning, and Coordination$389,750$389,750
Virginia Commission on Youth$214,525$214,525
10Social Services Research, Planning, and Coordination$214,525$214,525
Chesapeake Bay Commission$128,340$128,340
11Resource Management Research, Planning, and Coordination$128,340$128,340
Joint Commission on Health Care$462,600$462,600
12Health Research, Planning, and Coordination$462,600$462,600
Division of Legislative Automated Systems
13Automated Data Processing Services$2,843,856$2,793,856
Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
14Legislative Evaluation and Review$2,599,136$2,168,322
Auditor of Public Accounts
15Legislative Evaluation and Review$8,879,632$8,879,632
Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation
16Governmental Affairs Services$347,189$358,189
Division of Capitol Police
17Administrative and Support Services$2,535,218$2,535,218
Commission on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
18Ground Transportation System Safety$1,012,099$1,012,099
Legislative Department Reversion Clearing Account
19Enactment of Laws$243,500$243,500