2023 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB6001 (Enrolled)

Appropriation Increases

Item 4-1.04

Item 4-1.04



1. Sale of Surplus Materials:

The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, is hereby authorized to increase the appropriations to any state agency by the amount of credit resulting from the sale of surplus materials under the provisions of § 2.2-1125, Code of Virginia.

2. Insurance Recovery:

The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall increase the appropriation authority for any state agency by the amount of the proceeds of an insurance policy or from the State Insurance Reserve Trust Fund, for expenditures as far as may be necessary, to pay for the repair or replacement of lost, damaged or destroyed property, plant or equipment.

3. Gifts, Grants and Other Nongeneral Funds:

a) Subject to § 4-1.02 c, Increased Nongeneral Fund Revenue, and the conditions stated in this section, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, is hereby authorized to increase the appropriations to any state agency by the amount of the proceeds of donations, gifts, grants or other nongeneral funds paid into the state treasury in excess of such appropriations during a fiscal year. Such appropriations shall be increased only when the expenditure of moneys is authorized elsewhere in this act or is required to:

1) address a threat to life, safety, health or property or

2) provide for unbudgeted increases in costs for services required by statute or services mandated by the federal government, in order to continue those services at the present level or implement compensation adjustments approved by the General Assembly, or

3) provide for payment of overtime salaries and wages, when the obligations for payment of such overtime were incurred during a situation deemed threatening to life, safety, health, or property, or

4) continue a program at the present level of service or at an increased level of service when required to address unanticipated increases in noncredit instruction at institutions of higher education or business and industrial development opportunities which will benefit the state's economy, or

5) participate in a federal or sponsored program provided that the provisions of § 4-5.03 shall also apply to increases in appropriations for additional gifts, grants, and other nongeneral fund revenue which require a general fund match as a condition of their acceptance; or

6) realize cost savings in excess of the additional funds provided, or

7) permit a state agency or institution to use a donation, gift or grant for the purpose intended by the donor, or

8) provide for cost overruns on capital projects and for capital projects authorized under § 4-4.01 l of this act, or

9) address caseload or workload changes in programs approved by the General Assembly.

b) The above conditions shall not apply to donations and gifts to the endowment funds of institutions of higher education.

c) Each state agency and institution shall ensure that its budget estimates include a reasonable estimate of receipts from donations, gifts or other nongeneral fund revenue. The Department of Planning and Budget shall review such estimates and verify their accuracy, as part of the budget planning and review process.

d) No obligation or expenditure shall be made from such funds until a revised operating budget request is approved by the Director, Department of Planning and Budget. Expenditures from any gift, grant or donation shall be in accordance with the purpose for which it was made; however, expenditures for property, plant or equipment, irrespective of fund source, are subject to the provisions of §§ 4-2.03 Indirect Costs, 4-4.01 Capital Projects General, and 4-5.03 b Services and Clients-New Services, of this act.

e) Nothing in this section shall exempt agencies from complying with § 4-2.01 a Solicitation and Acceptance of Donations, Gifts, Grants, and Contracts of this act.

4. Any nongeneral fund cash balance recorded on the books of the Department of Accounts as unexpended on the last day of the fiscal year may be appropriated for use in the succeeding fiscal year with the prior written approval of the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, unless the General Assembly shall have specifically provided otherwise. Revenues deposited to the Virginia Health Care Fund shall be used only as the state share of Medicaid, unless the General Assembly specifically authorizes an alternate use. With regard to the appropriation of other nongeneral fund cash balances, the Director shall make a listing of such transactions available to the public via electronic means no less than ten business days following the approval of the appropriation of any such balance.

5. Reporting:

The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall make available via electronic means a report on increases in unappropriated nongeneral funds in accordance with § 4-8.00, Reporting Requirements, or as modified by specific provisions in this subsection.


The Director of the Department of Planning and Budget may increase the Department of Corrections appropriation for the purchase of agribusiness equipment or the repair or construction of agribusiness facilities by an amount equal to fifty percent of any annual amounts in excess of fiscal year 1992 deposits to the general fund from agribusiness operations. It is the intent of the General Assembly that appropriation increases for the purposes specified shall not be used to reduce the general fund appropriations for the Department of Corrections.