2023 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB6001 (Enrolled)

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Item C-51

Item C-51

Acquisition: Acquisition of land for Natural Area Preserves (18242)

It is the intent of the General Assembly that any acquisitions by gift, transfer or purchase be limited, consistent with the authorization contained in Item 375, to property within or contiguous to The Cedars, Deep Run Ponds, Buffalo Mountain, Pinnacle, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Creek Wetlands, Cleveland Barrens, Difficult Creek, Pedlar Hills Glades, Poor Mountain, South Quay Sandhills, Grafton Ponds, Cowbane Prairie, Cypress Bridge Swamp, Cape Charles, Dendron Swamp, Lyndhurst Ponds, Pickett's Harbor, and Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserves.