2023 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB6001 (Enrolled)

Department of Juvenile Justice

Item 428

Item 428

First Year - FY2023Second Year - FY2024
Administrative and Support Services (39900)$21,980,675$21,980,675
General Management and Direction (39901)FY2023 $3,182,080FY2024 $3,182,080
Information Technology Services (39902)FY2023 $6,311,244FY2024 $6,311,244
Accounting and Budgeting Services (39903)FY2023 $5,288,477FY2024 $5,288,477
Architectural and Engineering Services (39904)FY2023 $660,073FY2024 $660,073
Food and Dietary Services (39907)FY2023 $305,127FY2024 $305,127
Human Resources Services (39914)FY2023 $4,041,530FY2024 $4,041,530
Planning and Evaluation Services (39916)FY2023 $2,192,144FY2024 $2,192,144
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2023 $20,504,798FY2024 $20,504,798
SpecialFY2023 $979,387FY2024 $979,387
Federal TrustFY2023 $496,490FY2024 $496,490

Authority: §§ 66-3 and 66-13, Code of Virginia.

A.1. Consistent with the provisions of Chapter 198 of the 2017 Session of the General Assembly, the Director, Department of Juvenile Justice, shall implement the recommendations relating to the Department of Juvenile Justice made by the Department of Medical Assistance Services in its November 30, 2017 report on streamlining the Medicaid application and enrollment process for incarcerated individuals.

2. For the purpose of implementing these recommendations, included in the amounts appropriated for this item is $112,200 the first year and $112,200 the second year from nongeneral funds and two positions.

B. The Department of Juvenile Justice shall conduct a review of staffing levels, including vacancies, rates of staff turnover and recruitment statistics, employment conditions, employee health and safety, and employee compensation at the Department. The review shall include an analysis of the impact reductions in census levels have on the Department's staffing requirements. The Department shall deliver a report containing such data and information to the Governor and the Chairs of the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee by October 1, 2022.