2023 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB6001 (Enrolled)

The Library Of Virginia

Item 238

Item 238

First Year - FY2023Second Year - FY2024
Archives Management (13700)$7,719,522$7,754,857
Management of Public Records (13701)FY2023 $1,236,882FY2024 $1,236,882
Management of Archival Records (13702)FY2023 $2,388,239FY2024 $2,417,166
Historical and Cultural Publications (13703)FY2023 $774,733FY2024 $781,141
Archival Research Services (13704)FY2023 $1,419,861FY2024 $1,419,861
Conservation-Preservation of Historic Records (13705)FY2023 $887,762FY2024 $887,762
Circuit Court Record Preservation (13706)FY2023 $1,012,045FY2024 $1,012,045
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2023 $3,970,955FY2024 $4,006,290
SpecialFY2023 $3,418,110FY2024 $3,418,110
Federal TrustFY2023 $330,457FY2024 $330,457

Authority: Title 42.1, Chapters 1 and 7, Code of Virginia.

A. The Librarian of Virginia shall report annually to the Secretary of Education on progress in the processing and preserving of circuit court records.

B. The Librarian of Virginia and the State Archivist shall conduct an annual study of The Library of Virginia's archival preservation needs and priorities, and shall report annually by December 1 to the Governor and the Chairs of the Senate Finance and Appropriations and House Appropriations Committees of the General Assembly on The Library of Virginia's progress to date in reducing its archival backlog.

C. The Library of Virginia shall partner with the Offices of the Clerks of the Circuit Court to identify the challenges in restoring the many volumes of historical records treated with cellulose acetate lamination between the 1930s and the 1980s that are housed within the Circuit Court Clerks' offices across the Commonwealth. The Library will work to identify the number and current condition of these volumes and provide an estimate of costs to stabilize and preserve these volumes. The Library and the Clerks of the Circuit Court will submit a report of these findings and a proposed preservation plan by December 1, 2022, to the Governor and the General Assembly.