2020 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5005 (Enrolled)

Central Appropriations

Item 482.10

Item 482.10

Notwithstanding the provisions set forth in this Act, the amounts listed below associated with increased general fund spending within this agency shall be immediately unallotted upon enactment of these appropriations from the applicable Items of this agency and any other relevant Item of this act. Further, notwithstanding the provisions of this Act, any language associated with the spending listed below shall not be applicable unless, after such unallotment, a base amount of funding remains to which such language would be applicable or unless such language previously appeared in Chapter 854, 2019 Acts of Assembly. Any amounts referenced within any other Items of this Act that reflect or include the spending amounts listed below shall have no effect. These amounts shall remain unallotted until re-enacted by the General Assembly after acceptance of a revenue forecast that confirms the revenues estimated within this Act. No agency shall spend, commit, or otherwise obligate the amounts listed below from any source of funds for any of the purposes stated below or any other funds that may be unallotted.

FY 2021

FY 2022

Provide funding for Slavery and Freedom Heritage Site in Richmond



Upgrade the Integrated Flood Observation and Warning System (IFLOWS)



Compensation Actions for State Employees and State-Supported Locals



Adjust general fund support to agencies for increased internal service fund rates



Reduce state employee retiree health insurance credit amortization period



Adjust funding to agencies for information technology auditors and security officers



Adjust funding for changes in the cost of rent for enhanced security



Agency Total