2020 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Reenrolled)

Department of Accounts Transfer Payments

Item 264

Item 264 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2019Second Year - FY2020
Financial Assistance to Localities - General (72800)
     a sum sufficient, estimated at
Distribution of Rolling Stock Taxes (72806)FY2019 $6,530,000FY2020 $6,530,000
Distribution of Recordation Taxes (72808)FY2019 $40,000,000FY2020 $40,000,000
Financial Assistance to Localities - Rental Vehicle Tax (72810)FY2019 $46,500,000FY2020 $46,500,000
Distribution of Sales Tax Revenues from Certain Public Facilities (72811)FY2019 $1,040,000FY2020 $1,040,000
Distribution of Tennessee Valley Authority Payments in Lieu of Taxes (72812)FY2019 $1,200,000FY2020 $1,200,000
Distribution of the Virginia Communications Sales and Use Tax (72816)FY2019 $440,000,000FY2020 $440,000,000
Distribution of Payments to Localities for Enhanced Emergency Communications Services (72817)FY2019 $37,000,000FY2020 $37,000,000
Distribution of Sales Tax Revenues from Certain Tourism Projects (72819)FY2019 $125,000FY2020 $125,000
Distribution of Historic Triangle Sales Tax Collections (72820)FY2019 $0FY2020 $28,000,000
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2019 $48,895,000FY2020 $48,895,000
Trust and AgencyFY2019 $46,500,000FY2020 $46,500,000
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2019 $477,000,000FY2020 $505,000,000